Nation of Tire Sale (tdaschel) wrote,
Nation of Tire Sale

Electric Los Angeles Sunset

"I have a large unused canvas that I've been saving," she said rather obscurely. "What are you afraid of, Archer?"

Anna Vondelpark Gezindheid ..
(at a gallery upstairs in the NRV, an electronic music event. you would think Everybody playing Everything at once would be so much *noise*, but the grooves they interlocked like a Borodin Strang Quartet or a big Mingus piece. as it wound down promoters were hawking future games, some as steep as $450 and one curiously set for Saltville. "would you like a souvenir, meester?" the shurt with the shark motif looked promising. over by the door i saw one unlikely customer unfolding one on the table. is that Jenks? it don't mean one way or the other to me, right? so i'm having a closer look at this chark design/logo set on a field of BROWN, but Jenks wants/"needs" to "talk" .. delivers some Profound Statement on music, so i answer with several different - but pointed - renderings of "No." he leaves with heat and huff. it all gets summed up for Anna who, at first, is *sympathetic*, but soon - and understandably - grows tired. and here i recall Hila - a recovering CSW - bringing it Home: "what's the end game here?")
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