Nation of Tire Sale (tdaschel) wrote,
Nation of Tire Sale

Wyndham Lewis (Self Condemned, 1954)

'The word history is synonymous in the popular mind with something distant. When history gets so near to us that it hurts, naturally we no longer regard it as history - and then, the so-called historian, when his history is near-history, is far less free than when his material is a century away. Any unorthodoxy is deeply resented, especially if he occupies an offical position. Pressures are felt from all directions. All kinds of things are expected of him. He is supposed to conform to accepted views of every sort: more especially economic unorthodoxy is impossible. You are supposed to forget that the banks and great Insurance Companies exist: your view in all such things must be that of a child of ten years old. And as to wars (as to so senseless a crime as the World War), there you must speak of "anger of a great people demanding action". You must speak of governments giving way to popular clamour ("popular clamour" being the inflammatory banner headlines of the Daily Mail or the Daily Mirror): your history must sound not unlike an Armistice Day speech. You must turn no stones on the beach to see what is underneath them: you must adhere to the reality of the world of slogans, and you must never turn a slogan on its back ..'

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