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Frankfort, KY: all the _ gestures

.. that in some respects the Novel is more forgiving than the short story. imagine a couple weak and/or unconvincing characters - let's say they don't conform to themselves. well, that alone is enough to sink a chort fiction. ah, but put 'em in a CROWD .. or amid some other microplots in which the rest is carried off relatively well / THAT is another pancake. recalling, eh, Already Dead by Denis Johnson (a stronger - for what it's worth - Mendocino County novel than Vineland). there's the *sense* that maybe it coulda wound down a wee bit earlier, made a tidier overall package / yet you kind of like the ending the Author gives you as well. it can go either way, really. a situation that bears .. family resemblance to a certain sound recording - say, the Beach Boys' 20/20 - that gives you all the old feeling, but is marred by ONE SONG / with a squawky guitar tone that makes your teeth hurt.

Whippi g Post
moved from Mark Kemp's Dixie Lullaby (far more satisfying than Greil Marcus' Invisible Republic, tho' apples and etrogs, i realize ..) to Larry McMurtry's Film Flam: Essays on Hollywood, which is turning out t'be - how you say? - "the very thing," hey !

Proposed flag of the coming volunteers of the North American Peoples Republics.
Colors take their inspiration from both the Vinland Flag and our own Green Star.
Structure of the flag artwork from the Novorossian and Confederate battle flags ..


[ KEYWORDS : nate mendel , quantum foam , miss richland 1959 ]
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