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(thankesses to Erin !)

Did the Go-Go’s, in fact, have the beat?
Sondra's listening - in an old army jacket - to the Alice Cooper Show. goes through a few quarts of CHANGES in C'ville with the fun workshop couple on Water Street. comes back and, while THE MAGIC IS RECEDING (as magics do ..), she's busily hammering out a makeshift bridge, extemporaneous augments to Walkwhere, Whoknows.

(Jane Wiedlin)

How do you make an ersatz mandolin?
Irish bouzouki or unguided iron bomb?

a nice fit, i guess, as the Old Man ran a music store in Alabama .. before the Incident, before he had to go someplace else as someone else (hence, *creating a fake*). and once settled in his "new" "home," the laughs an' confusions keep-comin' all That Shakespearean Show : the Cultural Anthropology pest mistakes him for the (rumored) keeper of some ancient Matoaka town tune-hoard (preserved HOW exactly?) / or the Boy-that-used-to-cut-the-grass who is CONVINCED the Old Man (age 38, foax) is some Tandyn Wunderlick tier (vanished) RockStar makin' the nature scene. in any case, the last thing he wants to sell is one of the few instruments he salvaged (see Tom, Dick, or Harrell RUN .. with a sprain so smart it might as well be a break), a mandolin once belonging to Mistah Ted Hawkins. meanwhile ..

(I have to say this is one of the downright weirdest threads I ever participated in. Three times I asked what kind of neck joints were used on Gibson Army Navy's and the Flatiron pancakes. The silence has been deafening. What is this, some kind of secret forbidden knowledge? Do we have to learn the password and secret handshake before we find out?)

Fill in the blank for this analogy: Emilio Estevez is to dirty socks as Luke Skywalker is to ________.

(Montauk, the USS Eldridge, Preston Nichols, Smotherden Huggs, Echoes Myron, Earlyne Chaney, one-would-imagine some Flying [Irish] Chair ..)

If there were an Irish drinking song about you, what would it be called?
"Planxty Tim Gormless"

(yLost Bloo Cause ..)

Is your ability to flat-foot limited by your high arches?
Becky wanted to write this chapter herself, you know .. really put out there the Very Thing That Happened / while employing the nom-de-guerre (Bad.Bad) Ron ald-Mantle, fictascist tin magnate from Tintagel.

Sondra sets her up with dealer/running buddy Chris - "Russ will see you as dateable, potentially, see?" she (helpfully) explained. and it doesn't . work . out : 1978 winds down with Becky manufacturing a bizarre parody of what she thinks Sondra and Chris' (side) lives are about, e.g., DID YOU COP? .. only the most desperate and/or YOUNG are willing to even consider sub rosa transactions with the mercurial Chess Club president in the Betty Ford dress.

("From wrong to wrong the exasperated spirit
Proceeds, unless restored by that refining fire
Where you must move in measure, like a dancer ..")
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