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i don't remember what possessed me

.. to select a Joyce Carol Oates for my reading. she has .. fifty novels at this point? that's Zappian productivity. maybe that she went to such trouble? that i should, at least, spend time with one? in any case, found a product *relevant to my interests* : 2002's I'll Take You There. M_ss Lonely, a g-rl genius from some farm that if it were any further Upstate would be in Ontario, enters college .. "rushes" a Sorority 'cause she was raised among only brothers (and Kappa Gamma Fnord takes her in, as she might be induced to "help" with their academic work), falls in love with a man who WON'T BE LOVED, etc. etc.

and - as i sorta feared - it's good enough to get me curious about her other work (some fine, fine sentences / whole PARAGRAPHS even).

"At Syracuse, I haphazardly cobbled together a personality out of scraps; like my grandmother's quilts made of mismatched scraps of cloth. You don't inquire into the origin of scraps but only of the shrewd use of which they are made."

"I want you to know, Anellia, you're not new to me." He smiled at my look of confusion. I said, stammering slightly, "Not n-new? To you?" He said, backing off, "I saw you a while back. It was you. Scavenging in the garbage behind the Mohawk Bakery." Vernor laughed at my look of distress. How long he'd been waiting to tell me this, I would have to wonder. My face burned with shame, I had no defense.
"Hope you're not scavenging with me, girl."

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