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Nation of Tire Sale

th' Muscatatuck Plateau Trayodashians (circa 1995)

Front Row (left to right): Orville "Flash" Perkins, Warren Clarke, Orell Scott, Todd Mallomar,
Det. Arthur Dietrich; Back Row: Marcy Levy, Garwood B. Jones, Nicorette Arson, Cassie Gaines,
Wanda 3Jane Moskowitz-Falarski, Dean Daughtry, Steven M. Krikorian, David Messerschmitt.

yLost Naddre of the Fascist's Daughter
The truth, I would like to say here, is as follows. But I can't. In some places, it may already have begun, the war of everybody against everybody, all against all. "The Great Game," the lady philosopher used to say, quoting from Kipling, "is finished when everyone is dead. Not before."

"A minor squall of applause gathered and blew through the auditorium. Then the doors burst open again, and five hundred people poured into the lobby. They were all talking about Q. and his rascally double, the latter of whom had apparently ended the lecture with an unflattering remark about the cumulative literary achievement of Pittsburgh, comparing it with Luxembourg's and Chad's. I waved to a couple of my offended colleagues and nodded carefully to Franconia Epps, a well-to-do Fox Chapel woman of a certain age who had been attending WordFest for the last six years in the hope of finding a publisher for a novel called Black Flowers, which every year she raveled and unraveled, Penelope=like, according to the contradictory whims and indications of a dozen half-interested editors .."

I've been doing tunes. I've been doing melodies. I've gone back to it," the kind composer said. "After doing atonal music for twenty years." I asked him what the equivalent of staleness to the point of witlessness in his field was, or whether, in music, such a thing exists. "Oh, yes," he said. "Pitch fatigue."

Organic perfumes
.. or when America's most beloved reactionary nerd - and baseball enthusiast - George Will called Don DeLillo's Libra "an act of literary vandalism and bad citizenship" (Will has since migrated to the "pro-war Democrat" camp alongside Robert Kagan, Max Boot, and Jamie Kirchick / not that it matters: the body count is the same at the end of the day ..).

Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)
GLOSSOLALIA's Julio is the sort of candy dimcuck figure like Bry-on in Wonder.., fromme which some of this stuff could be outtakes, ah do declare ..

Sybil (1976)
** "Wow, girl. You strong!" She was always impressed by Alyssa's capability of living life to the fullest and facing it head on. Platitudes. All been done, all been thought. She could only barely feel the love for her friend. She loved the snake more, slithering along minding its own business, not cutting down trees to build a parking lot.
What right does Alyssa have to live at the expense of a snake in a park? Why? Alyssa so cavalier about taking down one of Earth's creatures?
[ ... ]
She couldn't understand why she didn't care. In fact, she wasn't sure any of her friends really had a great need to live, as far as she was concerned. She found herself almost wishing the spider had bitten Julio so badly his arm would fall off from necrosis and he would die. Humans. Too many of them for the planet .. **

Candleshoe (1977)
the Nancy character is let's-say-fifty .. or late 40s if you want. Becky seems to be the High School just-into-college prequel (cue J. Phyllis Diller, "Fanfic as Host," hey !)
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