Nation of Tire Sale (tdaschel) wrote,
Nation of Tire Sale

The Last to Find Out

intrepid g_rl reporter as lady detective .. the Art World .. domestic intelligence : William Gibson's Spook Country, in retro-spect, comes off as, eh, less vivid/humorful Running Dog (that's the 1978 DeLillo i'm into now ..). Lady Detective? more savvy than Oedipa Maas, nearer to Maxine in Bleeding Edge, but this one has the old school Bogie flavor (dreami G of babyloN), driven largely by 70s cultural retrievals in fashion ..

She wore thong sandals, a loose cotton dress and a hip sash - an outfit she used whenever she felt a deceptive appearance was called for. A date with a man she suspected she might dislike, for instance. She believed herself to be attractive, although not quite this way. Clothes, used in this matter, were a method of safeguarding her true self, pending developments.

"this is Ben Fong-Torres"

"Who do you work for?" Selvy said.
"Running Dog," she said.
He paused briefly.
"One-time organ of discontent."
"We were fairly radical, yes."
"Now safely established in the mainstream."
"I wouldn't say safely."
"Part of the ever-expanding middle."
"We say 'fuck' all the time."
"My point exactly."
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