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(Requiem for the Rockets)

"Fascinating, yes. An interesting word. From the Latin fascinus. An amulet shaped like a phallus. A word progressing from the same root as the word 'fascism.' "

You think you're about to arrive
Odell said he'd talked to Richie on the phone. Richie was barricaded in the warehouse. He was feeding the dogs infrequently, to give them a meaner edge. He'd had this feeling for months, Odell said. Someone was out to get him. Some dark force. There was a sniper somewhere, waiting for the right moment. He was sitting on a bed in some rooming house, cleaning his rifle scope. He had a bullet with Richie's name on it. Dallas, Richie would say. What am I doing in Dallas?
"All he talks about is John F. Kidney, Bobby Kidney, Martin Luther Kang, Jaws Wallace."
"What?" Lightborne said.

@ some final truth
or the emptiness of "quest motif" / that, in the end, the Final Boss to overcome is oneself. this comes through in Infinite Jest out th' mouth of Coach Schtitt, songs of occasion for meeting the self, boundaries/limits and the freedoms they allow, a certain tragic sense ..

Truth is a disappointment
He sat on the edge of the bed and took off his shoes.
"You're a New York woman," he said. "A classic type."
"Shut up, Arthur, will you?"
"No, really, in the best sense."
She took off her dress and put it over a chair.
"I never thought I'd end up in bed with a man who wears Clark's Wallabees."
"I don't wear them in bed."
"At least they're not Hush Puppies," she said. "Good Christ, think of it."

You'll only be disappointed
in Three Days of the Condor, part of the "Watergate Noir" subgenre, Robert Redford plays a CIA reader .. suggesting that they get their ideas from pulp novels and the like. dunno about all *that*, but in Don DeLillo's 1978 CIA comedy Running Dog there's a character name of Levi Blackwater, a fixture on a .. training ranch very like the one founded by living, breathing Bad Hair Incarnation Erik Prince in 1997.
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