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Nation of Tire Sale's Journal
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Tuesday, June 26th, 2018
12:27 am
re a leak occurs

(we are th' one-four-three !)
"She didn't do nothing with what she had," said the mother. She continued, looking at Uncle Edward, "Father, Tess isn't on 'oliday, she wants to go on a walking-trip to 'Arper's Ferry. She says she doesn't mind the weather."

Let's begin twards the end, shall we?
an *academic* party, a professor - some compound of Jolanta and Rosemary - discussing a prize student : "he's solved th' Tractatus !"
"here are the calculations that square it !"
and she's cracked open some Tefillin-looking thing and producing documents i'm making Zero sense of.
(shades of "the Mentaculus" in A Serious Man, but the student looks more like the .. Hiberno-Jewish kid who brought Erin's 30 pound birthday cake than pore Uncle Arthur).

an apt. block in the Lower City
On another day, the Family finally captures Neville. After a summary trial, he is found guilty of heresy by the Family's leader, Jonathan Matthias, a former news anchorman. Neville is sentenced to death and nearly burned at the stake in Dodger Stadium. He is rescued by Angela Davis, the woman he had earlier dismissed as a hallucination, and "Hoyt" Keegan Sturdivant, a former Libertarian candidate who once dismissed the Federation of Planets as "collectivist horseshit" ..
Saturday, June 2nd, 2018
2:09 am
(House on Screen Door Street)

They only have to know this vision of them walking down a street laughing together. From far away they look like a couple that would have great sex. It's not that important - sex. The best sex she ever had was with a white guy she despised and fantasized about bludgeoning to death with an African statuette ..
Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018
1:40 am
911 Leo Express

Jim Jones once boasted to his son-in-law and heir apparent,
Michael Cartmell, that the Peoples Temple was shielded from
any serious investigation or prosecution simply by the
nature of the Temple's activities; activities that were so
outrageously bizarre that no one outside the organization
would ever believe them. In the six years between 1970 and
1976, Jones ordered the execution of six Temple members in a
brutal series of murders that eventually led to the
involvement and subsequent death of Leo Ryan; the only U.S.
Congressman ever to be assassinated. Nowhere was Jones'
security system more apparent or successful than in the "H"
file homicides.

This story begins in the Temple's top secret file room where
detailed dossiers were maintained on everyone who came in
contact with the organization. Patty Cartmell, Michael's
mother and long-time aide to Jones was the organizational
genius in charge of the sophisticated intelligence gathering
and intricate filing system that rivaled the latest
techniques of the Central Intelligence Agency.

6.5mm Creedmoor
Taylor Swift's rivalry with Aimee Argote (aka "Des Ark"). what sorta goodbye-bag of messianic chips would it even take to resolve THAT? (or Why is a cabbage like a soul in purgatory?)


Panic in (virtual) Detroit
leaving the facility at night - the restaurant run, in fact, by Becky's old man - i Lingered by the cigarette machine .. which fortunately didn't contain "my" brand / tho', jeez, there were TWO HALF PACKS on the dash of the rental (low-wattage Ford knockoff of a Mazda 3). left the parking lot without consulting my GPS, convinced that things would "fall into place" (like picking a loCK blindfolded, which likely works bEST for some ..). encountered a double-leaf bascule tilted alarmingly down (perspective was reversed, split, an' scattered, inshallah/i' faith !).
Saturday, April 21st, 2018
8:59 am
Saturday, February 24th, 2018
9:02 am
new Ann Sterzinger novel ..
those who know her only for NVSQVAM or The Talkative Corpse will find themselves *under the surprise* with this one. at first i wished to compare LYFE : Elektra's Revenge with stuff like - i dunno - John Fowles' The Magus, Donna Tartt's The Secret History, P.J. Farmer's The Image of the Beast, Dennis Danvers' The Watch, but - dammit - that sorta leaves out rare qualities of image/language : eh, perhaps a SCIENCE FICTION as imagined by Balzac or Swinburne? it is MYSTERY, hey !

ps/ https://rossonl.wordpress.com/2018/02/22/retrospective-the-blue-rose-trilogy-3-the-throat/
Wednesday, December 13th, 2017
11:37 pm
The Sky IS Falling - Space Rocks and You
(12/16/17, 8:00 PM, Peaks of Otter Lodge)
Learn about Space Rocks - meteorites from the asteroid belt, the Moon and Mars. Real space rocks will be available to see AND touch!

moon rocks are *neat* .. whether you’re selling counterfeit ones on eBay to Freemasons or .. observing China’s lunar mining operations whereby the versatile lumps of space-stuff are mailed to Earth, boiled with MSG, and sold as “dumpling” ..

Iowa's own Jo Anne Ware

she does paintings of the people, i imagine them mostly as COVERS OF BOOKS, books about too-many-people or somebody with a busy gang of subsidiary personalities (which, for me, is pretty much an IDEAL).

Zookerberg can't ban me here

(sharing Fort Russ articles so I’ll be entered in the drawing to win *Taylor Swift tickets* !)

Meanwhile ..

.. and on a somber note, my aunt Leila passed away. she'd returned to Algiers to see her 90+ year old mother. she was Berber and a researcher in Immunology and reminded me a little of Charlotte Gainsbourg (which was partially deceiving: CG only spoke English with a French accent for the Movies : her natural English is British and through her mum ..). anyway, a sad and heavy day.
Wednesday, November 29th, 2017
11:42 pm
The date for the end of the world has been set – and it’s December 2017


.. which is b*llshit, of course, as TAYLOR PROMISED t’be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s Day !
Tuesday, October 10th, 2017
2:45 am
(off-canon Scarecrow and Mrs King fanfic ..)

"The Caves of Altamira" : Jefferson Hotel, Richmond, VA

.. Amanda poses as a wealthy jet-setter to attract the attention of a fast food chain owner who may be selling military secrets to the Soviets.
.. Shadowed by an oily reporter and an Air Force Intelligence operative, Vincent looks for flying saucers in the Mexican desert and makes contact with an alien stripper who claims she has human feelings.
.. Amanda attempts to exonerate the female head of a political action group fighting for the rights of independent fishermen.
.. The aliens incur the wrath of the mafia when they accidentally intercept a shipment of heroin, and Vincent reluctantly considers an alliance with a mob boss.
.. Amanda accidentally receives the wrong Agency pay check -- this one is for a hired assassin.
.. In a small fishing village, Vincent investigates the death of a meteorologist who believed that a freak hurricane was the creation of aliens.
.. Lee and Amanda prevent two thugs from killing a trumpet-playing, non-dynastic Persian monarch whose kingdom includes a rare strategic metal.

Movi g ahn Up(stairs inna escape cookie !)
Hemsley collaborated with Yes’s Jon Anderson on a funk-rock opera about the “spiritual qualities of the number 7” (never produced). Hemsley also did an interpretive dance to the Gentle Giant song “Proclamation” on Dinah Shore’s 70s talkshow, that was apparently somewhat confusing for her.

But the best story, I mean the best story of all time, is the one told by Gong’s Daevid Allen about his encounter with the beloved 70’s sitcom star. Here is Allen’s verbatim tale as related to Mitch Myers (and originally published in Magnet magazine):

“It was 1978 or 1979, and Sherman Hemsley kept ringing me up. I didn’t know him from a bar of soap because we didn’t have television in Spain (where I was living). He called me from Hollywood saying, ‘I’m one of your biggest fans and I’m going to fly you here and put flying teapots all up and down the Sunset Strip.’ I thought, ‘This guy is a lunatic.’ He kept it up so I said, ‘Listen, can you get us tickets to L.A. via Jamaica? I want to go there to make a reggae track and have a honeymoon with my new girlfriend.’ He said, ‘Sure! I’ll get you two tickets.’

I thought, ‘Well, even if he’s a nut case at least he’s coming up with the goodies.’ The tickets arrived and we had this great honeymoon in Jamaica. Then we caught the plane across to L.A. We had heard Sherman was a big star, but we didn’t know the details. Coming down the corridor from the plane, I see this black guy with a whole bunch of people running after him trying to get autographs. Anyway, we get into this stretch limousine with Sherman and immediately there’s a big joint being passed around. I say, ‘Sorry man, I don’t smoke.’ Sherman says, ‘You don’t smoke and you’re from Gong?’

Shoot it(x2): EARTHTONES
"The trial comes up and Lamont backs down on the witness stand. Mr. Tyner is a very good writer but he's also terribly self-conscious about not giving his characters any real motivation. The result is the kind of seductive existential puzzle that few readers like to grapple with." (Kirukus Review, 1968)

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017
12:23 am
Audrey locked inna private railcar with the .. less wild brother of Dr. Miguelito Loveless ..
Friday, July 28th, 2017
12:01 am
Saturday, July 15th, 2017
1:18 am
Burkean Brezhnevism - Macronistic Jupiterianism
"Genghis Khan and the Mongols were the ultimate revolutionary agrarians. These humble shepherds took the herdsman's revenge against the decadent urban merchants in China and Persia and laid waste to their oppressive cities. Wendell Berry is the true spiritual heir of the great Khans, Turanism and agrarianism are two wings on the same bird." - Daniel James Spaulding
Tuesday, July 11th, 2017
12:12 am
The Dead End Trilogy
(Wendy said to Dora - and this is a para of a paraphrase - that maybe she, as.in "Dora," should say something to me about my Smoaking, about how it's - you know - icky and stuff. apparently I prefer the drama of what Television calls an "intervention" - albeit a SOFT one, no being tied to a chair - to the solo heavy lifting of "simply" Not Doing the Thing ..)

Pattern Recognition/Universal Harvester/People Who Knock on the Door
"I don't see anything," Stephanie says, scrutinizing the city scene before her.
"Just there," Lisa says. "By the garbage."

(from John Darnielle's maybe-a-Horror novel set in Iowa ..)
Saturday, June 24th, 2017
9:14 am
(Mary Lou's boy keeps calling an' hanging up ..)

You want that I talk to Lloyd? Mebbe he can score you an invite into the Mythic Pythons of Royal Arch Texans (Re.ordered).

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017
9:59 am
minus the whole upside-down boat angle.

"I'm firing up the de-icer / you're going up."
"it's almost June, Sam."
"there's something on the tail, right below the UPS logo."
"how am I supposed to remove it?"
"you're not touching the plane, just working the bucket. the mechanic's going up with you."

.. so the booms are at full extension and, yeah, there's something silvery on the vertical stabilizer (candy wrapper? Three Musketeers?). Dorothy's holding a large squeegee and can barely reach it. anyway, once it's dislodged I tell Sam over the headset to back out. .. then the controls stop working: can't lower the bucket .. and the rain is setting in. and the truck itself shuts off and won't start, and we see Sam walking away. Dorothy could've helped with the situation on the ground, but she was stuck in the air. she said, "we're okay so long as there's no hydraulics leak: that would be bad."
"we're okay so long as there isn't an electrical storm."
"I'm getting cold. are you cold?"
"did I mention that I don't care for heights?"
"look, they're bringing FedEx's de-icer / do you really want to jump from one bucket to another?"
"Rackow says you're from New York's Genesee Valley / do you know Bernadette Refosco?"
"it looks like they're charging the battery."

.. which eventually worked. I mean, the controls stopped *again* during Descent, but there was a tall enough ladder to take us to the ground.


Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017
11:45 pm
Liberty eats an orchid,
.. Jane Austen's Emma Woodhouse plots other people's lives, a character in a Maria Edgeworth novel amuses herself by "daily jealousies, conflicts, and comparisons," less because they want what they get than because they do not want what they have.

(patricia meyer spacks)
Boredom's middle chapter - "A DULL BOOK IS EASILY RENOUNCED" - treats a couple immediate bestsellers that were judged excruciatingly dull by audiences but a couple generations after. one is Hannah More's Coelebs in Search of a Wife, wherein Spacks locates the "hidden drama of the commonplace": the strangely named Coelebs observes "that we are apt to mistake our vocation by looking out of the way for occasions to exercise great and rare virtues, and by stepping over those ordinary ones which lie directly in the road before us." EXHIBIT 2: Robert Elsmere by Mrs. Humphry Ward (*not* a Kim Deal pseudonym ..). Spacks informs us that contemporary critical judgment focused on the title character's loss of faith in the very aspects of Christianity that mark it as separate from other religions .. or non-belief, for that matter (he's a preacher man, so feel free to picture Gene Hackman's character in The Poseidon Adventure ..). Spacks emphasizes the *other* story, one which embraces both Robert and Catherine, whom he marries. to wit, that all marriages "entail relinquishing dreams. All demand concessions. All exemplify the radical imperfection of human experience."

.. so i feel this, eh, accidental reading has become an up-the-hill-backwards jawg-up to a date with The Pale King, sitting at home in a paper bag. and a websearch - of Spacks, of Boredom, of Davidfosterwallace - reveals that I'm *late to the party* / but So What? I'm used to it by now, hey !

Силва Янева
(thanks Tim Ready !)
Saturday, April 8th, 2017
9:59 am
ON TENOR (Spanish-American War remix)

good morning !

the new (Rosemary) Tantra Bensko novel Remember to Recycle arrived in the mail. the stuff about the U.S. launching an attack on Syria was pretty spooky, but then - of course - It Happened. now the Orange Man ("Enough blackpills fam. He's just playing high altitude candy crush") is the darling of the Press (welcome to 1898 ..).


"i had no ideal that Mt. Pleasant had a library. Where is it located?"

across from the Rescue Squad .. and it's just barely a library: a cinderblock ex-garage with a few shelves of Clive Cussler boat mysteries and some DVDs of Scarecrow and Mrs. King. i'll probably visit on Saturdays sometimes .. but not today, because i think Delta Dora from Detroit is still out of the country with her kids (you know, exploring, hey !).

"The motorized shades that we had installed were popular in 1960’s romantic comedies. However. these were usually draperies that moved from the sides toward the middle instead of up and down. Our shades go from the bottom to the top so that we can protect the furniture from the sun. When I get home, I will send you a video."

wish i were more attentive to, eh, cinematic details. guess i should rewatch Glass Bottom Boat (1966), aka "A Novel of the CIA."

" I ordered a book from Amazon: “ The Death of Expertise” by Tom Nichols. Because I had a layover in Charlotte, I managed to read the first three chapters. "

very good ! only thing i've picked up recently from the .. academic publishing world is Patricia Meyer Spacks' Boredom: The Literary History of a State of Mind. i remember her name from the 80s, from *college* / call it (non-vaporwave) nostalgia, i guess.

talk with you soon !
Friday, March 31st, 2017
12:51 am
tiger inna spotlight ..
Sun Arise - Alice Cooper
Year of the Cat - Al Stewart
Fly Away - John Denver
Spare Me a Little of Your Love - Fleetwood Mac
Hot Rod - Black Oak Arkansas
Dreamboat Annie - Heart
the Man with the Child in His Eyes - Kate Bush

Credit to the Straight World - Young Marble Giants
Half a Century High - Phil Ochs
Moving in Your Sleep - the dB's
Too Late - Wire
Redwood Tree - Van Morrison
Ghosts - Eugene Chadbourne
the Friends of Mr Cairo - Jon & Vangelis

Saturday, February 18th, 2017
9:25 am
Joyce Carol Oates' BLONDE
the Gemini to DeLillo's Libra?

(will be returning this title to - hopefully - Dora the Explorer roundabout 10am ..)

meanwhile :
Friday, December 9th, 2016
1:35 am
Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
2:36 am
(NOtes from S. Akron ..)


/ Allegiant tomorrow / another tooth extracted / Movember writig month .. which almost always devolves into *reading* .. in this case Wyndham Lewis' 1931 Morocco travelogue, hey !
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