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.. i wasn’t reminded each day by way of the e-lectronic sign off 581 .. or on Oct. 1st by WUVT’s Amy Splitt. and the fact that I saw John Prine twice long ago is all the more reason I shoulda been on the case this time. in any case I *suspect* that would’ve been the place to be yesterday evening / whole other timeline unfolding (but thanks to WROE for their afternoon Prineathon, hey ..)
Grace Ella Hammond

*screen door* EDIT (w/ yr host Dr. Memree)
.. hit was the Late 80s with Arlo Guthrie - who stalked the stage carrying a harpoon / he and Prine were switching off the opening slot throughout the tour, which is gracious as fuck on both men’s part if you ask me / and THEN the mid-90s with Victoria Williams (who was joined on stage by a big ol’ sleepy hound). this Prine appearance was remarkable for both a low-key solo set and then a set of sometimes newer songs with full-blown band, hey !
holy smoak


.. Geo. Fox, cobbler, built a suit of Spawniss rubber to contest the worship of Mammon & *clothes vanity*.

and escaping from what he calls "Vanity's Workhouse and Ragfair," where doubtless some of them are toiled and whipped and hoodwinked sufficiently, - will sheathe themselves in close-fitting cases of Leather?

Would not the rich man purchase a waterproof suit of Russia Leather; and the highborn Belle step forth in red or azure morocco, lined with shamoy: the black cowhide being left to the Drudges and Gibeonites of the world; and so all the old Distinctions re-established?





y'all probably remember Andrew Hickey for An Incomprehensible Condition: An Unauthorised Guide to Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers, but i first encountered him at an .. online Brian Wilson study group 19, 20 years ago (Susan Lang was also there, who introduced me to The Magic Garden [1967], Jimmy Webb's answer to Pet Sounds ..). in any case, this is a *spectacular* book, arranged mainly by singles, both AM mainstays and the uncommon/obscure/barely released. California Dreaming stands head an' antlers above, say, Michael Walker's Laurel Canyon book for its inclusion of Judee Sill alone / but of course it's a different animal : rather than circulate old gossip, Hickey takes the reader inside the studio and zeros in on some strange AF confluences : David "Goodbye Girl" Gates an' the Magic Band, Arthur Lee's LOVE and FZ, and so.on and so forth.

"Eight Miles High"
Crosby helped Clark finish off the song and suggested they go for a sound somewhere between Ravi Shankar and John Coltrane, and McGuinn responded by coming up with a guitar part that was essentially the main musical motif from Coltrane's "India" played on his twelve-string, with a few high, vauguely sitar-y notes thrown in.

anyway, here's a SAMPLE of the range of material the book is organized around, hey :

(we will ahve a "part two" probably !0


"Yes, avast! -- here is the SS Pill Dombrowski. This boat should never have been allowed upon the Chiculture waters. If you can even call it a boat - it looks like a boat, but this boat lies so constantly that perhaps it is really some kind of hippopotamus in a thin coat of boat skin. What noise does a hippopotamus make? Uh, hm, maybe it's actually a disguised sea lion," said Sybil. "ARRRR! ARRRRR! ARRRRRRR! I'm a boat! I'm a boat! Sybil, you're so stupid I know you'll believe me! I am so totally not a sea lion!" The SS Pill slopped about, splashing Sybil's thighs as it attacked the other superior, yet helpless vessels .. (Girl Detectives, Ann Sterzinger)


MONEY'S NOTHING (Lisa Carver, 2014)

we'll get to it inna moment, but - meanwhile - 20 minutes of Previews .. and

* "We read your article, Lisa. There are a lot of victims involved. We need you to not tell your boyfriend about us approaching you like this. We are aware of several exit strategies he has in place." I tried to remember what I'd written. Did I use the term "exit strategies"? Mirroring phrasing is a tactic used by salesmen and interrogators to make what they're saying register as believable. Then I remembered a comedic porn piece I'd written years earlier where two IRS agents and I had to have sex for some reason. These two looked exactly like the ones I described. The Ice-Man and The Nerd. Had their boss somehow found that old, dumb fantasy and dressed them up to fit the bill to .. what? Unsettle me sexually into blurting out everything I knew? This was so weird. *

* This week, I got fired by a sex magazine for describing what pee tastes like. The editor found that not "relatable" enough to preserve their "delicate relationship with the advertisers." What? People who buy cars and coats don't want to know what pee tastes like? That's ridiculous! Everyone wants to know! That's what they read for! *

.. which gives you no sense what the book is "like." y'all recall how i used to wiseacre that my favorite (fiction) writers were Patricia Highsmith and Wyndham Lewis? all the while i was reading - gosh - Carson McCullers. likewise, while non.fictionally tawking up The Psychic Soviet an' Eros and Magic in the Renaissance, Lisa "voice of my generation" Carver is nearer to where my heart is / and unlike D.H. Lawrence, SHE IS NO CLASS TRAITOR !

(c o m i n g s o o n : Ann Sterzinger's Girl Detectives, hey !)
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Terrastock 8 or Love Goes to a Building on Fire

For Tantra Bensko's maybe-6th novel - as finely written and wicked a ride as Collapsible Horizon, as Remember to Recycle - the author brings a wild neo.Expressionist sensibility to the most unlikely - and routinely derided - of genres: the ROMANCE. But, as Willie once sang, "Miracles appear in the strangest of places" and, alas, her take on Romance deserves the header that graced the covers of Alan Moore's run of Swamp Thing: "Sophisticated Suspense." Her title, FLOATING ON SECRETS, is sufficiently apt that the reader would be hard-pressed to hit on one more perfect. But, yeah, the story's scaffolding is an intricately plotted romance: would-be lovers who would be *so good together* - a true "cosmic couple" - driven apart by circumstance, by family, by misunderstanding, and so on and so forth. It's rollercoastery AF on that level alone !

One of the novel's sly successes is its varying tones and continual surprise all manifesting within a tangible, thoroughly believable world. EXPERIENCE flavors of the suburbs, of semirural "roadhouses," of - gosh - the once rather *exotic* world of the floatation tank (well, exotic for kids like me who know them largely through old John Lilly books .. or 1980's Altered States). And another task that Floating On Secrets performs beautifully is - simultaneously - work the mechanics of an entirely OTHER genre: "Crime" or Detective Fiction. And it works better than you'd expect. Though many of us are conditioned to a largely male point of view in "hard-boiled" writing, both the narration and the character of Flair Montgomery and the mother of the other lead character brought to *this* reader's mind Vickie Hendricks' Miami Purity (1995) as well as the cracking-wise dialogue in Big Sleep the movie (co-scripted by Ms. Leigh Brackett). Is that all? Hell no: the novel takes its own seamless detours to Horror (of the 'It Follows' variety: heat-lamping binges by mutated kin? oh my!).

But what is Floating On Secrets "about," really, at its deepest level? *Possibly* it's about the union of Heart and Mind. It's a love story, but one that explores the spectrum of what love can be (snares are set up all around for the unwary or the uncaring on the path to love .. or one of its substitutes). And a KEY point of engagement, one that permeates the story, is music, specifically of the Neo-Psych sort : bands that run the gamut from Wooden Shjips to the "cow-goth" of Mazzy Star. And, yes, among several other things Tantra Bensko's book functions as an informal primer, an introduction. I was reminded of Phil McMullen's old Terrastock festivals. There was a Terrastock 7 in Louisville in 2008: will there be another? Probably not, so pick this up, pull the ladder-rope in behind you, and BLISS OUT. So many lovely echoes: Floating on Secrets hits you in the small town where you maybe grew up / it hints and sometimes *names explicitly* the dark things, the SECRETS, bubbling up (shout out to David Lynch fans). The Carl Jung club that meets at the local Pizza Hut, the dog that ate the birthday cake : a sometimes-sad, but beautiful world awaits !
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ps/ golden age piper tcb ..

"The Three Graces" (2006)

“All our old hang-outs
Are boarded up and closed
Or bein' bought by somebody
Nobody knows ..”

(a r.ck op.ra by Tim Poland & Tommy Shaw)
In.which Mr Charles is discovered 2000 ft above the local.est river or Lake tied up with his own gear, spanked with his own wading staff, sticky with Hy-Flote Gel, and turn-on indicators set to “brite.” Trained by *sioux warriors*, Chucko waits patiently for a Ticket-off of this predicament and is first glimpsed on the Thinking Trail by a former student, Grace .. who wisely walks on, suspecting that reportage of this “trouble” can only lead to more of the same.
-- “Whether careening down a mineshaft or aboard a churning, bomb-laden steamboat on the Monongahela, this thriller keeps readers enthralled from start to finish!” --
(a 2013 runner.up for the LavCart prize for f.ction)
holy smoak

(we will Organize something in the coming Day !)

Collapsible Horizon,
Remember to Recycle
Terrastock 8: Indiana !
"Carl Jung Club" @ Pizza Hut
(the Goppledanger is the lounge where Flair Montgomery works)
(Mystery Men, "straightwalkers," Mallard duck an' Guineafowl ..)
-- the curse of in-laws : shades of (successful) variations ON .. Wonder (featuring Lara Heraclitus) and the "i want off this ride before it leaves the ground" Mud Flapp G*rl (with "Karen Flapp"). -- these are occasions for potentials "Keeping the Lovers apart" ..

"Police were known to take curves pretty fast in the line of duty, and she wanted to go slow, if at all. Probably even idle in the middle of the road." (77) flavor is Hard-boiled / shades of Vickie Hendricks' MIAMI PURITY or th' wisecracking in Bigsleepthemovie ..

104: motion detection camera at 'Float.
140: Altered States / "about a ghost from a wishing well."
slenderdudes gaining on him, then Wawk . on . BY / Hit Follows.
163: "Like the two of them had some kind of mission to fulfill. And he had ruined it: everything good was going to be destroyed. Narrow men wouild multiply by mitosis and take ofver the town. And Bradley was already splitting into a prism that reflected all the wrongness of the world in every direction."
(Austin - under slightly tweaked circumstances - coulda turned into Frank fonking BOOTH)
" We got your Ironic Balkan Folk Ringtone / here @ th' Western World !"
*** Scooby Doo Romance ***
219 : Galaxie 500
226: the (Rat Girl) Rhode Island option ..
229: Talking Subcontinental Lyft-driver Blues ..
234 : Flank Booth to .. Wm Jefferson Blythe and th' Traveling Salesman mythos.
255: Flair, onstage, learning to embrace "quirk" in In-laws.
261: (her ear is receiving his body of work / picture of Marilyn Monroe in my back pocket, shaped like my ass ..)
262 : the "cosmic couple" / in Water, not earth.
267: Love Goes to a Building on Fire .
284: "They were both giddy with survival, adrenalin, pain-killing endorphins and crime-solving."
313: sees his own face (taped-on, but What's *behind* it, eh?) behind a tree .
314: they point to and envy his toy-shrine in the corner.
319: "and they sat next to her favorite graphic novel about tea-loving rabbits in space igloos."

/// this si the novel that ties the room together / sequel to Stanley Elkins' The MacGuffin / and Phil McMullen's Terrastock 7 / and Ken Russell's Altered States / and Laurie Anderson's Mister Heartbreak (w/ Sally Field & Joanne Woodward, inshallah)
330 : Lost New City Mark Linkouses : "I killed my own father with a birthday cake."
337: (his half-brothers are telephathic mutants, as.in ToTAL RECALL)