Patty Ess

BAD BRAINS (Kathe Koja, 1992)

Austen drank more beer, desultory descending aim for the soggy circlet of his coaster.

Willard Walker/Atterboy Halsey ..
"Reason I ask is, my dad was epileptic. He could see things. Lots of things. He used to tell me about them, like the sphinxes, you know? In Egypt? They were built by men with epilepsy, they were built by dreamers, man. Men who could see." A delicate silence. "You sure you're not epileptic? Nothing at all to be ashamed of, if you are."
"No," smiling this time, a little, tired. "I have seizures, though." As calmly as he might have said I like beer or I drive a Ford.

(the moments of danger, of Horror, remind one of Tantra Bensko's Floating on Secrets, a ROMANCE with Weird-day sprinkles !)
Grace Ella Hammond
For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
That Dr. Quiet would know this, be able to express it so simply and easily, as if he spoke of the weather or a cup of tea, chimed coincidence past miracle; a sign. His attempt to paint the silver thing: another sign, the part of him that knew trying to instruct the part oblivious.

Like a FLowwer
Day of the Dolphin (1973) vs The Tenant (1976) vs Altered States (1980) ..
Patty Ess

WASHINGTON SQUARE (1997, Agnieszka Holland)

.. had planned to watch this in two one hour sessions to fit my schedule, but once begun I couldn’t stop watching (see comments ..) / but jeez : Jennifer Jason Leigh ! Albert Finney ! and so.on and so forth !
Grace Ella Hammond

in any case
.. it hswould please fans of H. James' other work / The Ambassadors, Daisy Taylor, and so. on and so forth.
Patty Ess

DREAMS, WASHED OUT (2018, Momò Lee)

Henry, Aimée, Mei-Li and Karo, are in Catania, Sicily. Henry, a painter, lost is creativity and traveled the world to witness cultures and changes before they vanish. Close to 50 years he is not at ease in Sicily: in a very secretive affair with Karo, they only meet when she is free: is a story without future. Aimée, came from the UK to be his model. She agrees to live with Henry, as he allows her to spend her time as she pleases. Henry hopes to find his lost creativity and love, but she has different expectations from this trip. Mei-Li, 25 years old, from Shenyang China, ends up in Sicily, following an erratic path. Exotic, attractive, and daring she becomes the object of different temptation for many. Her risk-taking attitude puts her in troubles: Henry saves her from a rape attempt: they begin to get close. Her mother wants her to return to China to marry an older rich guy, but Mei-Li doesn't want to be a financial asset for her family, a nurse for an older man no matter how rich he is, she wants to find her own path. Henry seeks a drastic life change but feels trapped, unable to decide. He wants to resume travelling, he wants to paint, he wants love and a different life. He acts to fulfill his personal needs unable to discern and share other people's necessities with his own. All the characters in this story slide through time: present, past and future all melt with memories and personal yearnings. Chasing uncertain dreams they go on until eventually they will separately live Catania, destination unknown, following their incompatible dreams.

Grace Ella Hammond
What can I say about this elixir? It unfolds in *chapters*, like Joni Mitchell's HEJIRA (1976). And there is .. narrative congeniality with A. Kiarostami's LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE (2012) or Scorcese's short LIFE LESSONS (1989), but framed (largely) from the woman's POV (we are guessing this is .. Xiaolan Jiao's first film : she is remarkable ..). DREAMS, WASHED OUT is utterly gorgeous .. you truly can't take your eyes off its procession. Visual notes are reminiscent of A. Kurosawa's DREAMS (1990) and, holy smokes, the "Magic Theater" section of Fred Haines' STEPPENWOLF adaptation (1974). A seamless impressionistic wonderland !
Patty Ess

bOATS out of Firewood (good morning, Erin !)

(in the tool-shed where we suffered : Sad Satan !)

Fake Eliot as some rando colonial (in this case, Aussie)
Woolf could, of course, write his stuff as well as he / but in this case, there's a sort of .. reverent mockery?

I shall envy them their continuance down the safe traditional ways under the shade of old yew trees while I consort with cockneys and clerks, and tap the pavements of the city.
Grace Ella Hammond
THE WAVES by Virginia Woolf (1931)
6 character studies and an absent guest (PERCIVAL, who died in India - trampled by ponies? i do not know / in any case: "He reads a detective novel, yet understands everything"). BERNARD, whom our handy guide identifies as "maybe E.M. Forster") is constantly putting on faces, those of his friends, those of a stranger well-met in the street. it is fitting that he takes us OUT (the last 60 pages, more or less). and it's NEVILLE (fake Lytton Strachey) who delineates Bernard:

You thought, as you drew your pencil there, 'I too throw off my cloak like that. I too snap my fingers in the face of destiny.' Yet Byron never made tea as you do, who fill the pot so that when you put the lid on the tea spills over. There is a brown pool on the table - it is running among your books and papers. Now you mop it up, clumsily, with your pocket-handkerchief. You then stuff your handkerchief back into your pocket - that is not Byron; that is you; that is so essentially you that if I think of you in twenty years' time, when we are both famous, gouty and intolerable, it will be by that scene: and if you are dead, I shall weep. Once you were Tolstoi's young man; now you are Byron's young man; perhaps you will be Meredith's young man; then you will visit Paris in the Easter vacation and come back wearing a black tie, some detestable Frenchman whom nobody has ever heard of. Then I shall drop you.

Jinny [Mary Hutchinson]
"That woman, you whisper discreetly, with the pearl pagodas hanging from her ears, was the pure flame who lit the life of one of our statesmen; now since his death she sees ghosts, tells fortunes, and has adopted a coffee-coloured youth whom she calls the Messiah .."

the Suburbs of Agony [Rhoda]
The willow as she saw it grew on the verge of a grey desert where no bird sang. The leaves shrivelled as she looked at them, tossed in agony as she passed them. The trams and omnibuses roared hoarse in the street, ran over rocks and sped foaming away. Perhaps one pillar, sunlit, stood in her desert by a pool where wild beasts come down stealthily to drink.

(After Monday, Tuesday comes ..)
holy smoak


OIC [_indontrol _MCDelete]
Grace Ella Hammond
Lady with a Fan

(Scott Brookman on Beach Boys battle)
is this a which one's best thang? If so, hard to compare. Holland is pretty brilliant from concept to execution. Even the idea of actually leaving California (can you imagine???) to record is fantastic. It's a polished, super professional, yet imaginative album. Love You is almost punk rock in its sparseness and oddness.

holy smoak

"It is magnificent"

.. this elixir, i mean : THE COMPLETE STORIES OF LEONORA CARRINGTON, which came highly recommended from Erin Lyndal Martin, hey !
Grace Ella Hammond
Where Rocking-Horse People Eat Carmelite Nuns ..
"Your daughter, Madam, said, 'Isn't it enough that the world is full of ugly human beings without making copies of them?' then she took the doll by the legs and broke her head against a rock."

(Who is the gaucho, amigo?)
his name is Ambrose (nobody can see what a Wolf-man shoots).

" Shmoos, introduced in 1948, were fabulous creatures that bred exponentially, consumed nothing, and eagerly provided everything that humankind could wish for. Besides producing both milk (bottled, grade A) and eggs (neatly packaged), they tasted like pork when roasted, chicken when fried, and steak when broiled. Ironically, the shmoo's generous nature and incredible usefulness made it a threat to capitalism, to western society and perhaps to civilization itself .."

(pieces of an Osiris mythos presented as Mock Castaneda with sprigs of cilantro)

"They jumped into the fire and ascended in smoke through the shaft in the roof to join the Evening Star. Juan-Mari, they were one whole being. They will return again to Earth, one Being called Quetzalcoatl."

"The Happy Corpse Story" is a tale of Love, of young longing.

"How to Start a Pharmaceuticals Business" : *peak* media ecology that is well-nigh Butlerian in its informations !

The Fourth (back) Way
This was her reply: To be one human creature is to be a legion of mannequins. These mannequins can become animated according to the choice of the individual creature. He or she may have as many mannequins as they please. When the creature steps into the mannequin he immediately believes it to be real and alive and as long as he believes this he is trapped inside the dead image, which moves in ever-increasing circles away from Great Nature. Every individual gives names to his mannequins and nearly all these names begin with "I am" and are followed by a long stream of lies ..

Beautiful Rooster

ps/ The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle
Patty Ess

cf. Warehouse scene : Delany's DHALGREN

Legend has it that members of Black Twigs first played amongst dusted carousel ponies warehoused by an abandoned fairground. The truth - as always - is more omplex, less 'Live at Pompeii.' These days the band is known best as the core trio of Mike Gangloff, Isak Howell, and Nathan Bowles .. or "GHB" for short. We will offer some brief meditations on this contemporary phenomenon of ancient music with the stand-up rock beat (presently tapped out by Nathan B's feed store, bass player shoes) ! .. but without further t'do, I give you .. the Black Twig Pickers.
Grace Ella Hammond
("Turn of the Sgroo" im.proved ')
"In our Logic class this year, we are doing lying exercises of the second degree. We are also studying first-degree lying with two unknowns. And sometimes, we lie in harmony. It's very exciting. In the advanced class, the girls do second-degree ling, with two unknowns, and lying of the third degree. That must be hard. I can't wait till next year."

National Institute of Tape Recorders
I was not, he claimed, a real woman, but only a highly sophisticated electronic robot built by a certain Dr. Morgan. Dr. Morgan was now subjecting me to various experiments in order to test my performance. He was putting me through a series of tests, while having me watched by agents in his employ, placed everywhere along my way, some of whom, themselves, would be nothing but robots as well ..

The Sailors say Brandy ..
"When she heard of her lover's tragic end, she committed suicide, by eating a mass-producted pizza."



.. inna Murmansk warehouse, there was Boris and there were *rumors* of Boris : (1981) Boris Koershimen/Minnesota Tishman (the crowd brought us together : it was Boris and it was *going* to Boris ..) to .. 1987 : Boris Stephanovich, Dishwasher/Car Salesman Laureate (and intimate of the Countess Oblomov ..)
Grace Ella Hammond Kansas City
Minnesota Multiphasic Tabletop Vacation

Rosemary recommended
.. Robbe-Grillet's Djinn. it's quite a bit of business. certainly funnier than the older stuff i've read an' seen (Christine Kiebuzinska showed Last Year at Marienbad in her film studies course) / but humor's personal, right? some of y'all might split your sides over - i dunno - 'Spensky lectures and Henry Cow records : i don't judge.
holy smoak

washing the eye of our land ..

(w.r.t. the Robbe-Grillet, was unable to locate Jelousy/In the Labyrinth and the accompanying Notes)

The Voyeur
(this is the Sparkomatic man who has performed w/ th' chemical pops. he is driving a large-caliber Camaro / what can be his "game"?)

first, i am pleased you brought up the case of The Waves / i rather *doubt* it would have been a reasonable pre-Lighthouse choice (hell, i haven't taken the As I Lay Dying plunge either ..). but - yeah - noted !

Nostalgia and th' shock of the NEW
y'all recall me describing Four Quartets as an "Ouspenskian rewrite of Christina Rossetti's super-double sonnet Later Life" / but it's MORE than that 'cause that man from Mars, reporting the behaviour of the Sea Monster, must first become something of a Sea Monster himself : John Carpenter's The Thing (1982), 'cept instead of *absorbing*/mimicking Mercury's an' Subaru's, it's Rossetti, it's Woolf, and - sure - Ouspensky, whose lectures TSE attended in London (that last, i will grant, was the most innovative of his p-p-pinchings). language / imagery : To the Lighthouse (1927), East Coker? 1940 (and - Waveswise - this WikiDetail strook me: "Louis is an outsider who seeks acceptance and success. Some critics see in him aspects of T. S. Eliot, whom Woolf knew well").

Phrases came. Visions came. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful phrases. But what she wished to get hold of was that very jar on the nerves, the thing itself before it has been made anything. Get that and start afresh; get that and start afresh; she said desperately, pitching herself firmly again before her easel. It was a miserable machine, an inefficient machine, she thought, the human apparatus for painting or for feeling; it always broke down at the critical moment; heroically, one must force it on.

.. the subject, largely, of the fifth section of each Quartet :

"Words move, music moves
Only in time; but that which is only living
Can only die." (BN)

.. Last Year at Marienbad tells you - in its own The Banality of Nightmares way - a good-to-great deal about Robbe-Grillet : repetition, compulsion, subdividing moments into "how many suburbs of a single Event can exist on the head of *pin*?" ..
Grace Ella Hammond