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Catch Bull @ Four (2019 Mix)

Grace Ella Hammond
"One would have to be as unenlightened as an angel or an idiot to imagine
that the human escapade could turn out well." - Cioran

Fall Breaks And Back To Winter (Alternate Mix)

Full panel on Oct. 29, 2019. Participants from left to right are Michael Specter
(Nu.Yawker), Rick Bright (HHS), Anthony Fauci (NIH), Bruce Gellin (Sabin Institute),
Margaret Hamburg (NAS), and Casey Wright [not pictured: Tandyn Almer, BB ..]

'We're being terrible PR people'
Try this, said by Casey Wright, CEO of Flu Lab: "I think we're being terrible PR people. Because we're flu ambassadors, and we're saying flu is not sexy." (A chuckle arises from the audience.) "It's very sexy." More laughter. What is so tantalizing about it? She says that 650,000 people die of flu every year, or so she claims. And that is a marketing opportunity for a company whose mission is to "defeat the flu" by the use of vaccines.
Patty Ess


"The World" ..

Queen of Swords: DRONES
2nd level: Frame story of Mrs. King (Kate Jackson), th’ Three Brothers restaurant (S. St. Clair St., MKE) and Lord Vishnu (oven-baked for 8 hrs with root vegetables & smoaked peppers)
4th level: Bruce Emboxleitnered tale 16 — The Ondt and the Gracehoper + sub.tale of “the crow-palm fruit fallacy.”
non-classified : the Princess - in pursuit of boat mystery - leaves her Lover - freshly shaven - in her stead. the Queen, in the morning, begins to suspect Treachery : stroking the Youth’s chin she remarks, “alas, this is perhaps not my daughter?” the King is alerted and prepares to - how you say? - “throw down” with this interloper. but the Youth has explanation : “your daughter was called away at short notice by Lord Vishnu and hadn’t the time to fashion a Clone from her genetic material / she hoped you’d understand ..” / and upon hearing this, the King’s heart was close to bursting with joy and the Queen’s face blossomed !
Grace Ella Hammond
.. i was zoning out on *nostalgia* and asked myself, “what are some of these fine people doing today?” WELL, Kelli Giddish appears t’be a genuine LawnOrder: SVOO !

Mary Bancroft, Herbert Lom,
Allen Dulles, Squeaky Fromme,
William Cooper / an’ saucer-men,
open the door and LET ‘EM IN ..

(some old Insurance hands shooting th' shit @ the Lahore Hilton ..)
"I'm getting a remote ignition device put in my car. They stick a thing on the trunk. I can start the car while I'm in the kitchen boiling an egg." He looked out into the lobby. "If it blows up, the egg tastes that much better."
"Nice. What about tear gas ducts?"
"I do defensive measures only. Are you kidding? The parent would be upset if they found out I was loading a vehicle with incapacitators .."

Patty Ess

Evening Without Angels (band without skyscrapers ..)

[Anyone who has spent the last two decades hoping the worlds of “Arrested Development” and the Afghan War would collide is in luck: “CBS This Morning featuring Gayle King LIVE from Kabul” includes a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo from none other than the Bluth Company stair car on its way to the Hamid Karzai International Airport ..]

Tuesdays, ordinarily
.. i will provide [ link ] to Radio Patrick's WZBC, Newton broadcast, 7-10 pm .. but Radio Amy's program - 'The Monster of Love' - got dislodged from its scheduled position by Ida-related Blacksburg tornado. so here is the make-up broadcast (ain't we lucky we got 'em !) :

ROANOKE TIMES (the early August)
death of Stacy Moskowitz / driest July since 1912 / 'COMPUTER - next major home appliance?' / Conway Twitty @ Lakeside / MK-ULTRA revelations from Stansfield Turner / Southern California pump salesman arrested @ Williamson Rd "bawdy house" / Mike Ives on impromptu fishing expedition in Pagosa Springs, Colo. / 220 Drive-In showing D. Cronenberg's RABID to a perhaps bewildered audience ..

[ 41:02, Louisville, Kentucky ]
June something-something and stuck inside an inappropriate jacket, albeit with tactical
storage ..

.. and Philip K. Dick - who’ll be dead in five years - is satirizing the famous “Internet of Things.” for the sake of best convenience every appliance and common household item - from Mr. Food to Mr. Door - is controlled from a “polyencephalic master matrix,” aka MR. COMPUTER. and, sure, naturally it enters a psychotic phase : protagonist Joe Contemptible punches buttons for breakfast and is presented a plate of fertilizer / he vid-phones the authorities and is answered back with a Loony Tunes representation of his sexual obsessions. .. in any case, the Computer is SICK, so they have to waken Joan Simpson, the most brilliant psychiatrist on the planet .. or rather in the planet as she’s buried in a deep chamber, existing in a form of suspended animation and ENTERTAINED by 1940s radio serials piped in 24/7 : it’s a classic scenario.

Grace Ella Hammond
Patty Ess

Barry Levinson's DUNE

.. in.which the New Duncan Idaho will marry Siona only if she manages to pass a *deep quiz* on Baltimore Colts trivia.

.. dark-haired woman in limo : “what are you doing? you don’t stop here.”
“It is a whim which stops me,” Leto said.
“Shouldn’t we cross the bridge before resting?” Rita/Camilla asked.
“I am not resting.”
Leto stared ahead at the Ruins of Volubilis: “It was here / the battlefield was here. The Carthaginians defending the city were attacked by three Roman legions. The Carthaginians were proud and brave, but they could not hold : they were massacred.”

Rosemary (Tantra Bensko), Mountains of the Moon ..
(remember the time the author of Remember to Recycle & other excursions recorded *this* with a seamless mock gamelan ride-off into th’ Sunset? good times !)

.. Dear Horatio, is stranger than we can imagine:
(by way of Sondra London)

(Matt Groening's DUNE)
“ The password was given to me by a man who died in the dungeons of Arrakeen. You see, that is where i got this ring in the shape of an onion. It was in the suk outside the city where I was hidden by the rebels. The password? Oh, that had been changed many times since then. It was ‘Onion.’ And the countersign was ‘Belt.’ It got me out of there alive. That’s why I bought this ring: a reminder ..”
Grace Ella Hammond
Night Moves (1975)
.. caught at last (on TCM) and flashed on, among other things, Miami Purity by Vicki Hendricks (in Jennifer Warren’s character). and this is one I could’ve easily watched 30 years ago on the A&E network back when A&E was a thing / and it would’ve been broadcast intact, as was the adaptation of Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit. / .. as far as other gossip along the headlines, what else? Children of Dune with its Commission of Ecumenical Spinozism an’ FrangZappian hand-ogham, hey !

Patty Ess

Pardon My Burd (Barstow Blues ..)

Live at Kingswood Music Theatre (Toronna) on 1984-06-21

they prolly thot I was *deef*, sitting at the next table, sipping my Single, White, an' Pregnant without ever bat an eye, but, naw, I was listening IN. Old Guy holding forth, starting in sich innocent territory as Howard Zinn and Carroll Quigley. surrounded by a "study groop" where 65 might constitute the young-end, things *took off* : KEYWORDS? ah got yer keywords : Bill Gates, LBJ removing silver from coins, Hunting Hills built onna garbage heap, East Hampton an old potato field sown with DDT, Nazis, South Pole, "breakaway civilizations," 200 grams of dried plutonium in Silent Darkness, unlimited slave labor force, Wizard of Oz? ruby slippers are SILVER in the book, ZARDOZ, Transhumanism, nanotech, Port St. Lucie, Bill Gates' Island of Dr Moreau, Alice Springs Australia, Dr Mengele, hangover-free brew from a GMO of a mango and a pear, an astroid kicked the can that brought the Great Chicago Fyre, buildings *vaporised*, solar flares burning telegraph wires (did I tell you this was all inside FIVE MINUTES?)

hadn't been to South County in .. 18 months? didn't see Dora, but noted that the Mill Mtn. is not only closed, but the area dissassembled. ALSO: the area of bound periodicals and City Directories is now given over to tables. not sure where the absent materials have been moved to. .. anyway, checked out .. Deleuze favorite Children of Dune (1976). and - who knows? - maybe i kept my copy of God Emperor (1981). this was all stuff i read in the Summer of '83, but - ever the fan of CULTURAL TRANSITIONS - i'm keen on that What Happened 76-81. there are characters, after all, still abandoned in that stub: the Old Man, the Boy, Sondra an' Becky, hey ..Grace Ella Hammond

Patty Ess

[ She wear on the protein delta strip ,,}

We are on working at The Queen's Road, an SF set in Texas and Elsewhere, by R.S. Belcher or, as some of you 80s kids at Glenvar High knew him, Rod Belcher. a wildly satisfying story that's not as darkly obsessive as, say, John Shirley (who i'm a fan of, btw, but In Darkness Waiting and Wetbones were *brutal*). in any case, it represents significant improvement over [ see below ].
Grace Ella Hammond
Love --> Building on Fire
.. passed out of Jack Finney’s 1970/1882 time travel book. generally speaking, the most compelling character was th’ Dakota .. and the *prose* wasn’t quite Dandelion Wine level BUT - once it heats up (which, sure, takes around 200 pages) - it does get clever in a Christophers Nolan or Priest kinda way (th’ Prestige, hey !). but rilly an' trooly, one of the selling points/gimmicks is the CAPTURE of past/lost time. I call B*llshit : you want some past time? William Kennedy's muthafuckin' Billy Phelan's Greatest Game (1978).

..and *this* by way of Tosti Ivarsson, hey !

Genesis' Foxtrot, M. Gottsching's E2-E4 ..
Pop came to town in a Subaru. he seems to be listening to Wm Gibson's The Peripheral on audiobook, for *clues* perhaps (COLUMBO MYSTERY: "is this book a gateway drug to Orange Protestantism ??" [chort answer: it is not ]).

On the wings of maeby,
Down in birds of prey ..
Patty Ess

Chapel Hill to Kitty Hawk Station (18 years, 18 years ..)

Paul Virilio’s Art of the Motor is a *wee* thing, but flavor-packed an’ TWEAKED to th’ debbil of Contemporary Circumstance. some have called it Bad Trip McLuhan, but Mistah Marshal was wide-eyed all along about technologie / it’s just that he *bristled* at the thought of being a responsible Academic AND a prescriptivist. and naturally the Fourth-Reichians of TIME-LIFE (Mistah Luce an’ CD Jackson) took advantage of his responsible reticence and declared, “Lookie here, y’all, Professor McLuhan says that teevee is replacing books an’ at !” McLuhan - who appears under another name in Wyndham Lewis’ SELF CONDEMNED - was privately horrified, but saw his role as dispassionate *describer*, hey !

triplE worD scorE !

Momò Yi Ching Lee ! (Dreams, Washed Out ..)

thankesses to Angelica Lyzette Garcia !

.. i guess i should really should, eh, discuss “impressions” of beEllis’ Glamorama at its terminal phase in the least spoilery way possible, okay? DeLillo’s RUNNING DOG and Wm Gibson’s Spook Country folded an’ bent to the sensibilities of LOST HIGHWAY (the 1997 movie, tho’ the Hank Williams song is cool too !).

Yorgos Does Alasdair Gray : Holy Fonking Hey !
Grace Ella Hammond

“they” are in such a fat hurry to recover the abducted model with Bette Davis eyes that Victor is dispatched to London by ocean liner / an’ despite numerous invitations from Julie (or, more likely, Julie’s *assistant*), he dines alone in his cabin on turbot pan-fried in ghee and scopolamine ..

Victor is always freezing wherever he goes - the gym, the Club, Alison Poole’s. is he, in fact, filed away/stored in Cold-pac at some elite Swiss facility?
Patty Ess

Nostalgia for Lost Destinations (Mark Fisher)

Hauntology : "that which repeats without ever having been present."

C.t7 W.ndr
.. inspired by North America’s own Hali Palombo (see her @ Suoni Per II Popolo in June), i tweaked my usual set of bestgood Oldie favorites :

Moving / Raincoats
Laura Nyro Live @ the Bottom Line
The Dionne Warwick Collection: Her All.Time Greatest Hits
Blue Sunshine / th’ Glove
Meat Puppets II
Big Fun / Miles Davis
Journey in Satchidananda / Alice Coltrane
Loaded / Velvet Underground
Phaedra / Tangerine Dream
Royal Trux (1988)
Grace Ella Hammond
not your weird aunt's Secular Koranism (or IS it?)
"It is only through dogmatism - ruthless subordination of your Self to an impersonal system - that his majesty the Ego can be crushed. This has been the appeal of nontheistic religion throughout the ages. The Ego is simply authority in miniature (just as political authoritarianism is Egotism writ large), a micro-despot which can only be pushed off his throne by a commitment to sober systematicity."

it was Baudrillard who anticipated the fusion of the opinion poll and reality TV in the seamless system of cultural "interactivity" which disarms any oppositional impulse by not only interpellating the consumer, but inducting them into its circuits. You decide. Text your response. Vote online. Join the debate. More or bore.

.. there was something *familiar* about (th’ Late, th’ Great an’ th’ Good) Mark Fisher’s STYLE .. and then it strook me like a diamond bullet : Don Cunningham, editor of Beach Boys fanzine Add Some Music to Your Day, *some* of which got bound & collected into an impressive PB from Tiny Ripple Books, hey !).

.. we’ve considered the case of our contemporary circumstance, one I’ve found analogous to 6th century Europe, the Transhumanist shenanigans imagined roughly a quarter century ago, and the Ford Administration. but - Hey - hear me out : recall the mystery of Ancient Egypt? SCENE OF a civilization emerging full-blown out of nowhere as.if blown out from g.d’s nostril and den slowly declining, as if - towards the end - they were simply going through the motions, “gesture without meaning.” ARE WE THERE YET? everything under the sun has been co-opted by Capital : religion, science, justice, art. find an exception and I’ll mail you a miniature lawn burro, hey !

C.t7 [Wm Wordsworth, 1802]
"A multitude of causes, unknown to former times, are now acting with a combined force to blunt the discriminating powers of the mind, and unfitting it for all voluntary exertion to reduce it to a state of almost savage torpor. The most effective of these causes are the great national events which are daily taking place, and the encreasing accumulation of men in cities, where the uniformity of their occupations produces a craving for extraordinary incident, which the rapid communication of intelligence hourly gratifies .."
Patty Ess

Oneiric Automata

[ .. so the Writer - ensconced in a bleeding fucking RV on rural Britain’s narrow roads - is targeted for *Mountbatten BOOM* assassination by .. whom exactly? .. in any case, ARTEMIS 81 - featuring Dan O’Herlihy, featuring STING - strook t h i s observer as a pretty good Man Who Fell To Earth meets The Ninth Gate with a s’ways step inta Alasdair Gray’s “Greater Unthank,” hey !]Grace Ella Hammond

slipped out in the early a.m. for snacks. unfamiliar with the city. looked no later than the 1950s so i figured a 7-11 or Sheetz would be out of the question / better to try whatever storelike entity might be affixed to gas pumps out front. caught sight of a newspaper behind the counter : 2023, apparently (i guess some parts of town are eternal, eh?). the main body of the wee shop - not much bigger than a Suburban kitchen - was blocked by a set of turnstiles involving a card-reader and a biometric slot for the index finger. oh well ..

Old house by Rosalind
.. old enough to have a carriage house built beneath at any rate. part of it had been destroyed by fire and never rebuilt, but the stone portion (river rock) remained. hippies were living there in '71. portions of upper stories open to the elements, some temporary (sheet metal) roofing added to the back to lend some structural protection. not sure if the main space on the "first" floor (which was as high as two ordinary floors, certainly) was once a ballroom, or if the hippies - or someone earlier - had knocked out some of the walls.

.. and Fisher's helping, he trooly is. next time i identify Lisa Carver as "voice of my generation," let me - what th' hey - add Mark Fisher as well. guy identified our era as The Securocratic Age and he hadn't seen anything yet !
Patty Ess

Codes of Transmission through Discontinuity

"It's Jackie Drake !"

what is called the color 'tango'
"After what I have just told you, my boy, you can judge what kind of notions and images exist nowadays on your planet about what is called the 'question of the beyond'; it can truly be said that if these concepts and notions of your eccentrics were heard by our hens, they would laugh so hysterically that the same thing might happen to them as happens to your favorites when they take what is called 'castor oil' !"

your boy Lane Barabajagal
.. brought me up-to-date regarding Jen Silverman (he was re.reading The Moors, a play). i'll probably go with her collection of short fiction, The Island Dwellers, 'cause that's what i DO.

a *live harmless reptile* walks into a bar an'

.. circularly blows out this WINDSONG onna Ducornet, doncha know !

[ spoken intro from a lazy day in Cardiff, May ‘66 ] “This is about all the people that say they've never seen you ..” / .. and we jus’ *knew* it was going t'be an interesting morning, popping out from an 11th Incident in th’ Spook Country Toilet dream complete with fax machines (*whirrr*), Prada’s Kevlar collection, and some not-so L33T Haxor offering t’be a “guide” ($$$) : “not interested, kid / got my own people” / and so on and so-forth ..

ps/ your [ghost] advice :Grace Ella Hammond
.. um, staff page, maybe? .. in any case, i was looking for David Hillman (who's seemingly retired).