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the Ballad of Minnie an' Roger Calkins

The Tire forms the complete population of Strong Badia, and was the "indigenous peoples" before the land was colonized by Strong Bad. Due to its status as the entire population of Strong Badia, it has earned a place on the country's flag and anthem, and even stars in two games. Though it hardly ever shows sentience, it has become something of a pseudocharacter, as Strong Bad frequently refers to it as if it's a person. He has a strong affinity for the Tire and feels a need to protect it, to the point where he installed a security system around it. To date, the system (which is composed of a touch-activated electrical charge and the Bear holding a Shark) has kept The Cheat from touching the Tire.

Yesterday i had *emergency tire circumstance* / drove with a flat to the Tanglewood Philistine for a four set. a-and this morning i noticed there were no (four) valve-stem caps : f*ck. so, yeah, i returned, compromising YET ANOTHER morning better devoted to teevee watching and enjoying a small POWERS. but, y'know, maybe it all worked out, huh? returning the back way, a half-hour later than usual, i shaw that where the boulevard forks off from the Jubal Early Highway a car - inexplicably alone and generally undamaged - was oopsidedown and surrounded by (non.medical) Emergency personnel.

"You're afraid that for want of one good man the city shall be struck down? You better look back across the train-tracks, boy. Apocalypse has come and gone. We're just grubbing in the ashes. That simply isn't our problem any more. If you wanted out, you should have thought about it a long time back. Oh, you're very high-minded - and so, at times, am I. Well, as the head of the state religion, the Father does a pretty good job; good enough so that those doing not quite so well would do a bit better not to question - especially if that's all we can get."
Grace Ella Hammond
HOW TO KILL TIME (when your hometown feels like a PsyOp)
re.watching DARK episodes for the 3rd time only increases the tragic aspect : love it. [cut to] SCENE OF .. coroner of Colonial an' Brandon at the transition phase of the TireSaleian 1970s bleeding into the American 1980s. i look around the room and there are some almost familiar faces : Tommy Holcomb, an unnamed Protestant bass player ("see? we play a lot of the old songs in church, the Eagles and such. but get this : everytime cocaine appears in the lyrics, we substitute Jesus !") / and of the three others, one is supposed to be somebody that played with Blaze Foley. everybody was sitting around drinking their coffee pretending not to care, but this rumor was why they'd turned up (some Rando was creeping around the parking lot, so i get up to lock my vehicle ..).
Patty Ess


Mary Crockett
416 pages
Little Brown, 2018

(i don’t read a lot of poetry, but when poets turn their eye/talents to fiction - Dictionary of the Khazars, Dance the Eagle to Sleep, The Savage Detectives - it grabs my attention, hey ..)

I have no idea the specific incident that sparked Mary's production, but I flashed immediately on *this* (the victim - who had but one arm - I routinely saw working the front desk at the Springtree rehabilitation facility following my grandmother’s accident):

.. a-and those of you who remember Richmond, VA will recall the murder of Virginia Commonwealth student Taylor Behl / and doubling the tragedy was the fact that a university police officer (Tina S. Buck, now no longer with VCU) ignored repeated warnings about Behl's 38 year old assailant.

(Hope asks a lot ..)

The recombinant high school: (the perfect frictionless cupcake of the Tractatus - alas - tastes of ashes ..)
Matt Graybill squeezes through the crowd, takes in the blood-splattered wall, a picture of a barn in snow hanging sideways on its nail; Todd Firebaugh, breathing heavy, rubbing the fist of one hand in the palm of the other; Charlie and me on the floor; Jared in between.
"What the hell!" Matt puts one hand on his hip and points the other at the general mayhem.
"It's not ... it's not ..." Todd starts.
But I can't say exactly what Todd Firebaugh thinks this is Not, because he never finishes.
"You." Matt points at Todd, then the three of us. "All of you. Out!"

{Mystery flowers/Brass orchids}
1. Jared
2. Mystery Dude
3. Someone with the Wrong Address
4. Right Address, Wrong Addressee
5. Lindsey?

I’m the train they call the Citee of Bellona
"Charlie takes the back roads into Roanoke, and then even deeper back roads out of it."

folk-singing (“nothing political, mind you”) Captain Kamp USN (Ret.?) takes your questions.

If Jamie had to die just so you could go to beauty school, what kind of ass-backward star chart is that?

Trundel Alpert/Admiral Newboy
49 year old Crockett's finger on the pulse of TEENDOM is as least as convincing as 27 year old Taylor Swift's (and more-so than Patricia Highsmith in People Who Knock on the Door, hey !) Grace Ella Hammond
Patty Ess

photographs of knotted string ..

Nov 79 - May 85
(if one can fictionalize the *sekrit origins* of wheeled luggage, what then isn't possible?)
Grace Ella Hammond
Octell Ompax machine language

Do tax collectors sometimes drive ice-cream trucks?
the music box tune played by the ice cream truck chased by George Tirebiter is heard approaching, played this time by a bus announcing a free Future Fair, which it touts as "a fair for all, and no fair to anybody". A trio of computer-generated holograms pop up outside the bus: the Whispering Squash (Phil Austin), the Lonesome Beet (David Ossman), and Artie Choke (Peter Bergman), singing "We're back from the shadows again" ..

Young Toni Ware
mechanics magazines, Mein Kampf, the "Little House" books ..

(Lane Dean leaned in ..)

1.) "Squeezing someone's shoes goes beyond good nature ribbing or teasing because it isolates more serious qualities in the person whose shoes are being squeezed (i.e. career, or other serious existential questions)."

2.) with 'Irrelevant Chris' Fogle, there's a "Fourth Way" subtext, of awareness/wakefulness, of overcoming the Mechanical/unconscious.

[Z.] (marketing Dr Pepper to Urban Sophisticates in the American 1970s is likewise heroism ..)

Shades of Shane Drinion
"Flying Saucers, Levitation .."
Tim Earnshaw's Helium
Like Someone in Love

Patty Ess

Momo is asking

.. about, eh, Cajun Literature .. but the names i've encountered are few: Barry Jean Ancelet, Albert Belisle Davis, though there are clearly almost certainly more. oh, and poetry of Moon (Erin suggested Elizabeth Bishop's "Insomnia").
Grace Ella Hammond
An Ornery Evening in Creve Coeur
{ "how do you Mend?" }

we were down in New Orleans/Biloxi/Mobile late, late December. record cold. all i had was a light jacket.
(somebody asked that i "comment on 2020" : what's to say? Here *every* day is .. Victorian Scold Visibility Day. Burroughs sniffed out the spirit of this Our Contemporary Age in the early 60's "cut-up" novels + the book of interviews/children's Reader sold in America as The Job ..)

but we can get all retro-Civixy too (as i just started that Comedy about th' Tax Code urgently purchased in Hardbound nine years back) :

"I have no idea what we do. As citizens we cede more and more of our autonomy, but if we the government take away the citizens' freedom to cede their autonomy we're now taking away their autonomy. It's a paradox. Citizens are constitutionally empowereed to choose to default and leave the decisions to corporations and to a government we expect to control them. Corporations are getting better and better at seducing us into thinking the way they think - of profits as the telos and responsibility as something to be enshrined in symbol and evaded in reality. Cleverness as opposed to wisdom. Wanting and having instead of thinking and making. We cannot stop it. I suspect what'll happen is that there will be some sort of disaster - depression, hyperinflation - and then it'll be showtime: We'll either wake up and retake our freedom or we'll fall apart utterly. Like Rome - conqueror of its own people."

(i *think* this is Glendenning talking and - gosh - Rome NY, site of The Incident ..)

"But the whole dark genius of corporations is that they allow for individual reward without individual obligation. The workers' obligations are to the executives, and the executives' obligations are to the CEO, and the CEO's obligation is to the Board of Directors, and the Board's obligation is to the stockholders, who are also the same customers the corporation will screw over at the very earliest opportunity in the name of profit, which profits are distributed as dividends to the very stockholders-slash-customers they've been fucking over in their own name. It's like a fugue of evaded responsibility."

Patty Ess


.. you too can keep the Keebler Elf fed !

Burger King Magic Kit #3
(teaching raisins lifesaving ..)

with Todd Bovril
(American actor who played in The World of Henry Orient),

When you ouisch upon a starr ..
(ALPO Distinctive Dinners)

Soda Pop and Paper Flags
Kim Cattrall (Goy actress who appeared in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Same Picture, Different Frame
Alyosha Karamazov (half-sybiling of Ray "Big Wednesday" Krebbs)

(thanks to Radio Patrick @ WZBC Newton !)
Patty Ess


the .. ‘84 Camry of *speedball challenges*:


(former) DeltaLady Grace Ella Hammond
.. just checking in. finished Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber and started Will Self's brutal/funny HOW THE DEAD LIVE from 2000 (recommended by way of Victoria Nelson's Secret Life of Puppets). will likely follow it up with Stanley Elkin's Mrs. Ted Bliss / and we have perhaps *discovered a THEME* (kept hidden in the instep arch of a white stetson hat, hey ..)



(The Honk Stops Here)
“We are humbled and excited to take on such a massive challenge, but also know it can’t be accomplished alone. We are counting on the support and input of our alliance partners, members of the Decentralized Identity Foundation, and the diverse Microsoft ecosystem of designers, policy makers, business partners, hardware and software builders. Most importantly we will need you, our customers to provide feedback as we start testing these first set of scenarios.”

Patty Ess

DOX(2): The Nearest Faraway Place

Grace Ella Hammond

T Talley's funeral
Carl Bernstein reported that "CBS was unquestionably the CIA's most valuable asset," adding, "over the years the network provided cover for CIA employees, including at least one well-known foreign correspondent and several stringers."

The Experimental West Coast Parole Program ..
"To ensure success, Smith argued, researchers had to protect their subjects from criminal prosecution, concealing their activities from the police and granting them anonymity in all reports. The Amphetamine Reptile Pearlectus, then, had something resembling police immunity baked into its very mission."

"Stay Negatively Capable, Ponyboy !"
Van Dyke? Impish? That's not the half of it! Let me tell you about the time we had a card school at Atlanta Airport when we were delayed by fog for a couple of hours.

Hank Briarstem (north), started with the 3 of Clubs. Brad Elliott (east) played the Jack of Hearts. Mike Love (south) then found himself in a potentially winning position with an ejusdem generis 2 of Spades. Ideal play would have been for west (Van Dyke), on laying his card, to have established a pre-emptive proclamation of ‘Snap’, thus successfully forestalling South and sealing the game.

West’s actual move was a hoarse exclamation of ‘Oh sh*t!...Yes...Me...God, it’s on the tip of my tongue!...Bingo!...No...Check!...Oh, bugger!’ accompanied by a vigorous flourish of the arms which caused a glass of red wine to be spilled over South (Mike).

South now had several choices of move. Firstly a defensive strategy, videlicet, a wet sponge accompanied by salt energetically applied to the embryonic stain. Secondly, an attacking strategy, viz. a violent physical assault on West, accompanied by possible support from his partner, North (Hank Briarstem).

In the event, South opted for a combination - an attacking move with his East fist in the direction of Brad Elliott whilst North supported him in defense and sponged down his trousers. The outcome, therefore, a ruled no contest and da plorum strategem.

Those of us who were watching were only too aware that Van Dyke had engineered the entire incident in order to divert attention from the true contents of his hand luggage ..

"I think Voytek fucked him"

Patty Ess

BAD BRAINS (Kathe Koja, 1992)

Austen drank more beer, desultory descending aim for the soggy circlet of his coaster.

Willard Walker/Atterboy Halsey ..
"Reason I ask is, my dad was epileptic. He could see things. Lots of things. He used to tell me about them, like the sphinxes, you know? In Egypt? They were built by men with epilepsy, they were built by dreamers, man. Men who could see." A delicate silence. "You sure you're not epileptic? Nothing at all to be ashamed of, if you are."
"No," smiling this time, a little, tired. "I have seizures, though." As calmly as he might have said I like beer or I drive a Ford.

(the moments of danger, of Horror, remind one of Tantra Bensko's Floating on Secrets, a ROMANCE with Weird-day sprinkles !)
Grace Ella Hammond
For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her
That Dr. Quiet would know this, be able to express it so simply and easily, as if he spoke of the weather or a cup of tea, chimed coincidence past miracle; a sign. His attempt to paint the silver thing: another sign, the part of him that knew trying to instruct the part oblivious.

Like a FLowwer
Day of the Dolphin (1973) vs The Tenant (1976) vs Altered States (1980) ..
Patty Ess

WASHINGTON SQUARE (1997, Agnieszka Holland)

.. had planned to watch this in two one hour sessions to fit my schedule, but once begun I couldn’t stop watching (see comments ..) / but jeez : Jennifer Jason Leigh ! Albert Finney ! and so.on and so forth !
Grace Ella Hammond

in any case
.. it hswould please fans of H. James' other work / The Ambassadors, Daisy Taylor, and so. on and so forth.