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as yinz know i’m not much of a Horror fan as so.much of it is *stupid* (which, I suppose, you could say of most other genres ..). The Evil Within (2017) came highly recommended and is - in my view - at least as effective as, say, J. Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness (1994) or Reign Over Me (2007) : a strong story that *looks like nothing else* : A+ for Imagery, hey !

.. the “Paradigms of Human Memory” episode - originally broadcast April 21, 2011 - lifts liberally from A MAZE OF DEATH, annexustential Horror from nineteen-seventee (and a final anthropology diorama indeed !)

That one time Felix Guattari tried to sell a script in Hollywood Grace Ella Hammond

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.. you too can keep the Keebler Elf fed !

Burger King Magic Kit #3
(teaching raisins lifesaving ..)

with Todd Bovril
(American actor who played in The World of Henry Orient),

When you ouisch upon a starr ..
(ALPO Distinctive Dinners)

Soda Pop and Paper Flags
Kim Cattrall (Goy actress who appeared in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Same Picture, Different Frame
Alyosha Karamazov (half-sybiling of Ray "Big Wednesday" Krebbs)

(thanks to Radio Patrick @ WZBC Newton !)
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Des Ark (Aimée Argote) song of day !

Quien Es? (PLAYBACK)
.. story goes that Raymond Chandler wrote a screenplay in the late 40s that never got picked up, so .. eleven years later he converts it to *novel* (“lesser product” by his standards / which touched-or-excelled P. Bowles or Herbert Read). chapter 18’s a hoot, though : Wm Burroughs flava with the parrot and the hypodermics and a swell outhouse hanging.

.. several of you recommended this one. for me the chief surprise was a guy based off of Late Phase Hunter Thompson: *uncanny* / but as for “partaking of the Eerie an’ Eldritch” I’d have to say that would be the .. cross-dimensional short wave Ice Cream Truck. I mean, don’t we all have a spooky ice cream truck anecdote? it’s sort of a hard-wired Fear like the Whiteness of the Whale. just LOOK how everybody jumped when Gen. Powell pointed to a satellite image of an ice cream truck and identified it as “mobile bioweapons lab” ! and what is more terrifying than its *song*? muted in the IRS thriller The Pale King and serving as a BRIDGE between the Firesigns’ Don’t Crush That Dwarf (1970) and I Think We’re All Bozos (1971). and lest we forget, the lurking purveyor of frozen treats in Rosemary Tantra Bensko’s Remember to Recycle.

.. a-and THAT was Mr Martin's cue to remind me of a CERTAIN SCENE from:

Southland Tales (2006)
turned up on the ad-infested "Pluto" service, but NOT TO WORRY, as one needs a break from the hallucinations, hey! and it's kinda "no surprise" that civilians weren't sure of what to make of this one back when it was New: hell, it only makes sense to me Now 'cause it's 2020 and i just came off a of Don DeLillo's Running Dog (one of the author's 1970's goofy apocalyptic ones, my favorite era). references to A.I. Bezzerides' Kiss Me Deadly and Repo Man (which has its own nods to the former), and Phil Dick's darker-than-usual '70s work:

"Who am I?"
"None of your business."

the terrific failure of the film - with critics, in the Marketplace - reminds me of - i dunno - the first Mothers album / the *suspicion* that if Zappa had sat on Freak Out for three, four years, there would have been an Audience for it, maybe even the things he was satirizing would have come into being outside a couple micro-scenes sharing a Secret Sun ..
Grace Ella Hammond
comi g soon !
Jeanette Winterson's Art & Lies (1994)
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[ April musta heard a *story* from lawd-knows-hoo / i .. filled in the blanks while pumping up the tailstand. STILL i regret referring to her as "Hydration Barbie" to Flipper Kowalski : now he won't stop saying it ! / MEANWHILE, Glass had his Nintendo Switch out: "wotcha playin, Glass?" / "i'm tending a walnut crop on a distant planet," and so on and so-forth ..]

"He was a nice man. After dinner, he walked me up all six flights of the place where I was living. 'It's been so long since I've seen a girl's apartment,' he said. After a while, there was one of those awkward, off-romantic moments. 'It's not my age, is it?' he said, earnestly. He was seventy-four. 'No, no,' I said, 'I guess I'm just neurotic.' That seemed all right. We became friends. At one point, he thought I might be the girl for his son, another film producer. It was awkward for the son and me, at Trader Vic's, trying to be a generation. The son said he had three files of projects: one marked A through Z; one A prime through Z prime; and one marked Miscellaneous .."

.hex thistle. Grace Ella Hammond
is a Thomasson a Jimmy Stewart of architecture? asking for a (Hello twenty fifteen!) FRED ..
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“ballerinas who caught on fire for 500, Alex"

Pat Conley, Random Daniel Turner-Jones
(your boy borried a few books over the years / pretty sure i'll never see them again: Alasdair Gray's Unlikely Stories, Mostly, Jim Keith's Casebook on Alternative 3, and a collection of Flann O'Brien writing as "Myles na gCopaleen" ..)

3 pm with the Late Mike Nichols
.. got home and an unexpected rain had soaked a left-out book (a hardback, from the library: Of Human Bondage). and a second *return from the beyond* in one day (sheesh) / this time with what clearly sounded like a November Prediction (oh well!).

Becoming Ibero, Becoming ROCK
Herbert Read's The Green Child begins where Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye ends: with the faked death of President Olivero, dictator of the South American Republic of Roncador, who has staged his own assassination ..

The Late (calcium) Adventures of Grace Ella Hammond
Positively SUNN Street [SUNSHINE IN THE VALLEY, Kyle Muntz, inwhich Bob thows Joan for a temporary "loop" - it's their first meeting or so - when he asks,"so where's your sister?"]

The Entrances swung open. She wore different clothes.
"Is Michelle here?" he asked.
"You came here to talk to her?" Laura blinked, shaking her head. "Really?"
"I think I might love her." He looked at the ground; the floor; at anything. "I'm not sure, but I think I might."
"You don't. Not really."
"Probably not. I don't know. I doubt it."
"Anyway," Laura said, "she's not here. I haven't seen her since yesterday. Even before that. I never pay much attention to her."
"She's very attractive."
"Lots of people think so. Or so I've heard."

.. and so on and so forth.

[a Yachtastic imAgE of Bob an' Mimi]
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"BENSON: And as you saying that, I just remembered where it comes from. It comes from … This is a deep cut. There’s a guy named John Keel, who’s the guy who wrote The Mothman Prophecies. The book is very different from the movie. It’s not a fictional narrative. It’s sort of a journalist’s account of what happened in an area over a period of time. He wrote a whole collection of other books. The one that I’ve read is Our Haunted Planet and what it’s basically about is this concept of ultra-terrestrials."
Grace Ella Hammond
[ your cue to indicate to Rosemary that there's some .. family resemblance between Kyle Muntz's Sunshine in the Valley and THE ENDLESS*, a cinematic entertainment from Benson & Moorhead ..]

*a cult that must live within the (sacrificial) Time Bubble of (invisible) Crunchberry Beast. PICTURE THIS set against som Roger Dean background.

The Return of the Conceit
.. that only madmen believe in "swimming," in "shipbuilding":

With all the will in the world
Diving for dear life
When we could be diving for pearls ..

Repetition of Event
[ compare with The Voyeur of Robbe-Grillet ]

Patty Ess

The Hour of the Star

(Clarice Lispector, 1977)
Grace Ella Hammond
.. taking its temperature, i dunno: Samuel Beckett's 50s novels? Alain Robbe-Grillet's DJINN (1981)? notes of C-ca-C-la (which - by the way - isn't paying the Narrator one red cent) and the *ethereal whooshing* of the big (terminal) dance number from Bob Fosse's All That Jazz (1979) or Lisa Carver's The Jaywalker even.

No More Hot Dogs !
Macabéa's joy is listening to something called "Clock Radio" (compare with what? Cookie Party?). it is without music and records each moment with a plashing *drop* / it includes FACTS such as "did you know Chlodwig, Clovis, and Lewis are probably the same name?" / also: Ads ( adverts, not Analog and Digital Systems): "broadcasting the right time and culture .. + ads!"

Moreover it's the same soft drink that sponsored the last earthquake in Guatemala. Even though it tastes like nail polish, Aristolino soap and chewed plastic. None of this keeps everyone from loving it with servility and subservience. Also because - and now I'm going to say something difficult that only I understand - because this drink which contains coca is today. It's a way for a person to be up-to-date and in the now.

The Oscar Mayer Weekend (1983)
They didn't know how to take a walk. They walked through the heavy rain and stopped in front of a hardware store where the window display featured piping, tin cans, large bolts and nails. And Macabéa, afraid that the silence might already mean separation, said to her new boyfriend:
- I just love bolts and nails, what about you, sir?

(vintage) CLOCK RADIO !

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YES for the beige Camry!

“A paranoid halo thickens around Maxine’s head, if not a nimbus of certainty. Ordinarily there wouldn’t be money enough in circulation to get her inside bomb-throwing distance of the east end of Long Island, but she finds herself now dropping the Tomcat in her bag, adding an extra clip, sliding into working jeans and a beach-town appropriate T-shirt, and next thing she’s down on 77th renting a beige Camry. Gets on the Henry Hudson Parkway, hassles the Cross Bronx over to the Throgs Neck Bridge, the line of city towers to her right crystalline today, sentinel, onto the LIE. Cranks down the windows and tilts the seat back to cruising format and proceeds on eastward ..”
Grace Ella Hammond
PAGE 372
Fiona’s friend Imba is decked out like Psyduck for Halloween. internet reveals that IMBA is a tech term indicating IMBALANCE in a game / say, when a particular feature is too strong in relation to other features. think, for example, of Sandy Dennis in 1988’s Another Woman (of course, that isn’t the fault of Mz Dennis, but rather the game *designer*).

the random number generator in Bleeding Edge reminds me of a *song* / actually John Zorn’s soundtrack for SHE MUST BE SEEING THINGS, featuring Lois Weaver who growed up across the way. .. ennyhoo, everybody wants to second-guess 9/10 all Nancy Drew-like, as in what was flashing round in their environs, Virtual and otherwise, ahn dat DEY. me? I was haunting “the Grey Board” - aka MindHive - after the Late Dave Monroe passed his invite over to me. there was chatter about Getting Lost in *matching car parks* at the Atlanta Airport / maybe a side plot involving a Texas oil well baby, and - last-and-least - one of my lobby dreams of the Z. Smith Reynolds Memorial Library where 1940s flavored *twin cigarette girls* are presenting trays of fresh beef and crumbling Chesterfields .. while Aga Khan and Patrick McGoohan play backgammon off inna side-room / and there’s a rill-life shootout out front th’ Squirrel Hill Eyetique in the neon evening, one poor bastard struck and still scattering minty-green slips of *warning* : AURORA PARALYSIS AURORA PARALYSIS

"Da je hip hop horor film ja bih bio Džejson, Legenda u kraju k'o u Kvinsu Pepi Mejson ..”
Patty Ess

"She lives on Yonge Street / lingers long on Yonge Street .."

Grace Ella Hammond

“If there can be haunted houses, there can also be karmically challenged apartment buildings, and the one they liked to spy on, The Deseret, has always made The Dakota look like a Holiday Inn ..” - BLEEDING EDGE

not only does the author create a structure somehow more Gothic, but also *more far-out* than the Dakota / .. which got its name on account nobody in NYC was building that far North and West : in 1881 it was considered a folly, the finished product surrounded by pasture, by goats ..

.. where there’s an *old house* situated between the FBO and the line shack, right where you’d park a King Air. anyway, somebody determined it wasn’t really being utilized, that maybe the spot could be paved over and *duh* used to park planes. so I’m out in whatever MarioWorld I’m walking, look up, and the whole fucking house is being moved by helicopter for some “key decision maker” to enjoy Upstate. like most dreams it’s hard to say what was being sampled. Wm Gibson’s Spook Country maybe? .. which already borrows from DeLillo’s Running Dog, hey hey hey

$31.80 @ th' Book Bank, Old Town Alexandria
Art & Lies (Jeanette Winterson)
Wise Children (Angela Carter)
Running Dog (Don DeLillo)
The Vulgar Streak (Wyndham Lewis)
I'm Dying Laughing (Christina Stead)
Patty Ess

Twin Stars of Thence

Grace Ella Hammond

No Better Zephyr (Count Zero)
"In 976 Muhammad ibn Ahmad, in his Keys of the Sciences, remarked that if, in a calculation, no number appears in the place of tens, a little circle should be used 'to keep the rows.' This circle the Moslems called sifr, 'empty' whence our cipher; Latin scholars transformed sifr into zephyrum, which the Italians shortened into zero."