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Requiem for the Rockets

Mario clewed me into the latest Adam Curtis joint, the six-part Can't Get You Out of My Head. plenty information i've neither heard nor suspected. and feckin' Thornley's there, fer fonk's sake (back when flying was still legal, i flew out to the East Bay - well, to the South, actually, and drove up 880-N - to see a novelist who hung out with KWT at Little Five Points during his terminal decade, hey !).Grace Ella Hammond

“Killarmy” is, apparently, not a city in Ireland, but rather a Wu-Tang offshoot that uses *early hip-hop theorist* Milton William Cooper as a launchpad (see also the relationship between FUNKADELIC’s America Eats Its Young and th’ Process Church of the Final Judgment, step-cousin-in-law to the Saint Hill Manor org, hey ..)

(can Coulson and his team recover the Obelisk before it’s too late ??)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is basically a .. tightened-up THE PALE KING rendered as a Marvel comix Cop Show (discuss ..)

1977-82 NC to NYC pipeline, et cetera
read : KEY AF

.. not to mention my tennis elbow to Nick Wathigo, as i cannot afford to be put on Injured/Reserved in these Uncertain Times (.. a time when Hannityites/Eagles fans are hoarding flashlight batteries like that’s going to amount to a *hill of eels* as we begin the rocky transition from the .. $ecularized Calvinism that dominated the Anglo-American scene for nearly 400 years / to a Transhumanism that is more likely to reduce than enhance, i.e., part of a network of *things* : if 1969’s Brzezinskian vision was a happy meeting place between Unitedstatesian robber-baronism and Chinese Communism, then the next goal is to build a more humanlike toaster, a more toasterlike human ..

MoreScience High vs WaitJustACottonPickinMinute High ..

(Crunchberry Beast @ enforced time loops dot com ..)
rewatched The Endless (2017). holy smoaks!

WandaVision, Kathryn Davis' DUPLEX and so on and so.forth
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Palace of Capwells Reversed

[ #Just2ndFordAdministrationThangs ]

Joel Haver, Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, Hickey & Boggs, Substance vs Event Ontology, *scene of* April playing the fiddle inna dept. store / a-and she BURSTS INTO SOME PRETTY IMPRESSIVE CGI like some Marvel Comics cop show investigating Dr. John Lilly (she was fine in the end, btw, just left a pronounced heat signature ..)
Grace Ella Hammond
Lia Ices !

.. you can wear suspenders, but must also wear a belt (.. with that said, I do have a box of *dental hygienist grade* BLOO [filtration] MASKS i picked up on sale a decade ago !)

JILL (Philip Larkin, 1940)
.. roundabout p.92 i was wondering was this twisting into something Wyndham Lewis might've taken on in Doom of Youth, but then i recalled that *that* text was from a decade prior, hey.
108: crucifixion by croquet hoops.
126: Bleak House as seduction tool.
148: his "dream girl" (Laytontron, yo !)

The High Llamas, "Market Traders" (1992)

Moderna Therapeutics is developing a *honey baked ham* that delivers the mRNA vaccine. present complication? the ham must be served/eaten at minus 20 Celsius ..

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Flow My Tears ..

( The Death of Stalin/Comrade Detective pipeline to Christina Stead's terminal novel I'm Dying Laughing :

'Sharks don't march down the current, and form in vigilante groups to tear up other sharks. I hope we don't find soft, gentle jellies of our ilk anywhere else in space, progressive ones who've got a few centuries ahead of us in blood-letting and soul-freezing. Even tigers, well, don't trust my zoology, i learned it in the yellow press, tigers get on their hind legs and claw in a man-to-man duel; but we fight in a mob, get all the fun and then, "I wasn't there, Mac." I'm not saying just men; women, too, hid behind the twitched curtain, then rush out when there's a mob of fifty hellcats. That's in Zola, do you remember? Do you think we'll change some day? Will we have a Winter Palace or a Potemkin Staircase? Or blackhat, whitehat till the last President? It's fixed, I guess - leave us to heaven. There's nothing else to do.'

**********Grace Ella Hammond
(Z. Vukovic said there were a couple political figures who - if elections had gone differently - could’ve saved Yugoslavia from the Nationalists within and Atlanticists without. and because I cannot think in Surreallic i cannot give you their names, only biographical details he tossed in : one was a Serbian Catholic and the other a Croat with a Serbian spouse)

Russia's Unrequited Love for the West (V. Golstein)
How many times western countries would hit Russia below the belt, yet, there is always, "Aх, Франция, нет в мире лучше края," "Oh, Germany and its culture," "Oh, Italy, heaven on earth," Oh, English Laws and English ladies," which Dostoevsky never tired of admiring.
Here are several examples of Russia's naive, puppy love for the USA (on the basis of Hans Rogger essay, "Amerikanism and the Economic Development of Russia.")
One US observer writes in 1930: "Ours is the only important Government which refuses to grant Russia political recognition, and yet is our country that Russia emulates and admires." Another comments in 1928: "The word for industrialization is Americanization, and the passion to Ford-ize the Soviet Union is even stronger than the passion to communize it."
The third commentator, who lived long time in both Russia and US, writers that "nowhere was America so earnestly and generally idolized.. America implied competence, responsibility, punctuality, accuracy, and diligence. America meant to work steadily and efficiently, with economy of materials and of energy, but also with daring inventiveness and readiness to depart from routine and bureaucratism. America signified youth and invincibility, the triumph of the machine and the possibility of freeing humanity from the burdens of poverty and toil."
Theodore Dreiser observed after visiting Russia in 1927: "they all want Russia to be like America -- its cities like Chicago and Detroit, its leaders and geniuses like Ford and Rockefeller, Edison and Gary. God! I pray not!"
In 1918, Lenin postulated: "Soviet power + the order of the Prussian railroads + American technique and the organization of trusts + American public education + += socialism." While Bukharin insisted, "We need Marxism plus Americanism." Not to be outdone, Stalin admired American efficiency and business like attitude (деловитость). While Trotsky who observed US and criticized its imperialism, nevertheless announced that "Americanized Bolshevism will triumph and smash imperialist Americanism."
Of course, already Zamiatin in his We, mocks this fixation on Fordism, Taylorism, and other "scientific" ways of exploiting the workers, as he allows his enthusiasts declare that Frederick Winslow Taylor was the greatest thinker of the XX century.
All this is profoundly sad and ironic. Russians -- late Soviet propaganda notwithstanding --seem to be able recognize the best in the western countries, they focus on the best that these countries have to offer and genuinely admire them.
Western gaze, however -- with the rare exceptions of great writers like Rilke or Valery -- focuses mostly on dirt and negativity. Marx and Engels --two most cherished XX century Russian figures -- had nothing but contempt for Russia, and penned opinions that make me very seriously doubt their intelligence or even erudition.
Of course, the pig that recognizes only dirt and the angel that notices angelic -- have their own rewards. Still, the asymmetry of these two gazes are unpleasant and disturbing.

ps/ Matt Heimbach - "the Keebler Elf of the Right" - is a Federale ..]
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Mr. Bradley Mr. Martin Hear Us Through The Hole In Thin Air ..

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Handy captions, photographs

of real-life action
Grace Ella Hammond
I have explained that the Mayan control system depends on the calendar and the codices which contian symbols representing all states of thought and feeling possible to human animals living under such limited circumstances - These are the instruments with which they rotate and control units of thought - I found out also that the priests themselves do not understand exactly how the system works and that I undoubtedly knew more about it than they did as a result of my intensive training and studies - The technicians who had devised the control system were in the position of someone who knows what buttons to push in order to set a machine in motion, but would have no idea how to fix that machine if it broke down, or to construct another if the machine were destroyed ..

(twennytwenny as ghetto of the 20th century, itself a ghetto of the Victorian Age *plus gadgets* : God Tawk, Science Tawk, the godawful specter of Madison Avenue "Science" facing off against Madison Avenue "Religion," C.D. Jackson & so on and so.forth ..)

Katy Lied
"We don't report the news - We write it." And next thing I know they have trapped a grey flannel suit on me and I am sent to this school in Washington to learn how this writing the news before it happens is done - I sus it is the Mayan Caper with an IBM machine and I don't want to be caught short in a grey flannel suit when the lid blows off.

C.D. Jackson
.. was a journalist/spook in the grand tradition of uberWASP Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee (portrayed by Hollywood as a "working class Joe," hey hey)_

Tiny Montgomery says hello ..
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"Kudos to Giffs for picking Merp to play tonight .."

* thanks to Langley Airfield, hey !
Grace Ella Hammond
(The Salon's Involvement with the Airplane)

.. a-and after hearing about Sen. Cornyn’s vow to “bury Tandyn Almer,” i decided to perform a little research :

Sam's back .. or not
took a six month break after tumbling from the platform onto his head. now he's disappeared again : Thanksgiving-related injury involving a deep fryer and a guinea fowl (peace be upon him).

not sure if tomorrow is an "all hands" day, but if so, we'll see Albuquerque an' Stephanie in the same room practically for the first time since their criminous split (peace be upon them).
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"Didn't you pick him out, Wilson?"

.. Wilson glanced back, but he did not speak. He didn't have to.
Vic had a quiet lunch alone - Melinda was not in - read some of the book about stained-glass windows, then went to the Manhattan classified directory and looked up the Confidential Detective Service under the heading "Detective Services." Confidential, he thought again, smiling.

(by way of Manny Theiner) Grace Ella Hammond

nam-dropping th’ Collins Brothers (The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship: An Examination of Epistemic Autocracy, From the 19th to the 21st Century ..) - or Hoffman's Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare even - isn’t *necessarily* a blanket endorsement of the Foucauldian Project, i.e., YMMV. / or yinz can arrive @ [this intersection] same as me :

Robert Frost’s “Directive”
Ian Svenonius’ The Psychic Soviet
Ioan Couliano’s Eros and Magic in the Renaissance
Paul Virilio's The Art of the Motor

hotcha !
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The Pale Blue Notification

one story - "Ice Storm" - has the feel of Lisa Carver reflecting upon the B. Manilow classic ["Weekend in New England"].
and "The Old Address" a signpost for the (Ballardian) 70s (or East Coker with/without "Horse").

City Questions (Feb86) Grace Ella Hammond

.. where Ford wins a second term and Henry “Scoop” Jackson takes the Presidency in 1980 (SPOILER: Unitedstatesian foreign policy during the 80s *remains the same* !).

(we were researching Brian Aldiss ..)
There is no consensus on a precise starting point of the New Wave – Adam Roberts refers to Alfred Bester as having single-handedly invented the genre,[30] and in the introduction to a collection of Leigh Brackett's short fiction, Michael Moorcock referred to her as one of the genre's "true godmothers".

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Grace Ella Hammond
1. recovering teevee exec takes road trip / explores roots of American pathology.
2. a light-hearted sportsball farce set in West Texas.
3. a Pop Star in hiding .. from his manager, his neurotic guitarist, and the entire Happy Valley Drug Commune.
4. Aunt Polly’s Banana Surprise (8mm) now showing in the math ward of the Institute (by appointment only).
5. Pammy - who works at a grief management firm in the WTC - joins her friends on a trip to Maine.
6. a cadre of wealthy collectors (and assorted hangers-on) seek explosive, possibly non.existent footage (Paul Mazursky, 1978).
7. What’s on the tape ??

(Dave Ay is recommend the fiction of poet Philip Larkin : A Girl in Winter and Jill ("Brunette Coleman" for all yew Aristasians, hey ..).

“the Hon. David Gergen”
..has advised *every President* since Thos. Dewey !

Elite Porno: Cassirer, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, and Benjamin
(b/w/o Katherine Merr ..)

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as yinz know i’m not much of a Horror fan as so.much of it is *stupid* (which, I suppose, you could say of most other genres ..). The Evil Within (2017) came highly recommended and is - in my view - at least as effective as, say, J. Carpenter’s In the Mouth of Madness (1994) or Reign Over Me (2007) : a strong story that *looks like nothing else* : A+ for Imagery, hey !

.. the “Paradigms of Human Memory” episode - originally broadcast April 21, 2011 - lifts liberally from A MAZE OF DEATH, annexustential Horror from nineteen-seventee (and a final anthropology diorama indeed !)

That one time Felix Guattari tried to sell a script in Hollywood Grace Ella Hammond