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Archive of Corrected False Information

Silver Jews? on one level, more focused/less h_ppie than Giant Sand (Christ, that was horribly dated / only a matter of time before i swing around to the life and art of ... that Camper Van Beethoven guy). anyway, Chapel Hill remains nice. looking for an excuse, any excuse, to move there. first time i visited, i was surprised by how healthy everyone looked / of course i'd just come down from Richmond, where people do their damnedest t'look like junkies (of course many stop trying and just shoot up...).

Phenomena is Bad for Business (the Eternal Charles Fort)
The astronomers have functioned bravely in the past. They've been good for business: the big interests think kindly, if at all, of them. It's bad for trade to have an intense darkness come upon an unaware community and frighten people out of their purchasing values.

Like a Song by one of the James Brothers
Or my own acceptance that we do not really think at all; that we correlate around super-magnets that I call Dominants - a Spiritual Dominant in one age, and responsively to it up spring monastaries, and the stake and the cross are its symbols: a Materialist Dominant, and up spring laboratories, and microscopes and telescopes and crucibles are its ikons - that we're nothing but iron filings relatively to a succession of magnets that displace preceding magnets.

Fort repeats reports of Aquatick Saucers seen from shipside in the 19th c. / and Today's Young People will likely be reminded of William Cooper's Memories of Viet Nam: I was just lifting the binoculars off my chest when I saw it. The giant saucer shape plunged out of the clouds, tumbles, and, pushing the water before it, opened up a hole in the ocean and disappeared from view.

Mehemet's xebec set sail from Lascaris Wharf
That, upon June 18, 1845, according to the Malta Times, from the brig Victoria, about 900 miles east of Adalia, Asia Minor, three luminous bodies were seen to issue from the sea, at about half a mile from the vessel. They were visible about ten minutes.

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