January 1st, 2006


At first, the children thought the man was only sleeping

...their mother said.

The Lamberts moved into the house three weeks ago and had not yet spent much time in the back yard or its storage shed, Tony Lambert said. He keeps both the shed and a gate leading to a back alley unlocked, he added, noting that he had planned to clean out the back yard in the spring. The family would not have seen the body sooner, Judy Lambert said, because the blinds in the children's bedroom had not been opened until Friday.

Juanita Preston, who lives next door to the Lamberts, said she heard "six or seven shots" in quick succession sometime "between 4:30 and 5:15" Wednesday afternoon.

"It was fired from something big," she said.

Preston said the shots sounded like they were coming from behind her house, but she didn't see anything when she went to look. "I figured it was somebody walking up and down shooting in the air," she said. She didn't hear the sound of screeching tires or running footsteps so she didn't call police but went instead to her Wednesday bingo game.

"Now I'm feeling sick to my stomach," she said. "Kids finding him, that's kind of harsh on the mind there."

Judy Lambert said her children did not appear to be upset by the discovery. The family used to live on Elm Avenue and moved to Staunton Avenue looking for a quiet neighborhood. Despite Friday's grisly discovery, Tony Lambert said he had no plans to move.

"I told my wife, I said, 'I hate moving. I don't ever want to move again,' " he said.

Preston said the Lamberts' house had been empty since she moved into her own house three years ago.

At nightfall Friday, as houses along the street turned on their Christmas lights, the body still lay in the Lamberts' back yard, and officers were still searching the area.

the Rob Sheffield of the Southern Tier?
Date: Tue 26 04 2005 08:57:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: bugaspard@yah... (Uncle Gaspard)

On the same front...apologies for any repetition.
I've enjoyed the Zorn interviews in Browbeat magazine
(the one with the copy of "Metal Machine Music" on
8-track in it) and the New Yorker piece that talked
about his apartment and the fact that he doesn't have
a kitchen.

Somehow, that explained a lot.


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