January 4th, 2006

Patty Ess

A Field Guide to Wandering Bishops

...Levenda's just getting warmed up. looking forward to Book Two ("Happiness is a Warm Gun").

Kropotkin Remembers
When I was last in America in 1901, by a coincidence I met Varina Howell Davis - widow of Jefferson Davis, the late president of the rebellion - in New York City. Booker Washington joined us, and they spoke briefly of Richmond. Neither had the fondest memories of the place. For the former slave, it had been a leading center of the slave trade, for the former first lady, it was a test of her self-proclaimed abundance of patience. "I could please no one," she declared. "I have never been anywhere quite so concerned with questions of etiquette and breeding when there seemed, to an outsider such as myself, so little of either to be found within the city limits."

Controversy in the Workplace
thank g-d i haven't seen sSpielberg's Munich yet / boy, was they going at it! Vanessa Redgrave slits the throat of Mark Spitz / Ariel Sharon retaliates by driving a tank onto her lawn and killing all her pets. One View says that questioning the Eye-for-an-Eyeness of the Israelis plays into the hands of the Terrorists (Palestinian and otherwise). Other View claims it's pro-Israeli propaganda (apparently by omitting the mistaken identity Targeted Killing of a Moroccan waiter). me? i don't want to see it 'cause i don't want to be pressed (pushed? shoved?) for an opinion (also: Spielberg hasn't made a great Hollywood Entertainment since Close Encounters).

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