January 9th, 2006


C I T Y (1789 Texas Avenue)

Rachel wads up the paper wrapper that contained her meal and tosses it in a trash bin. "I inhaled that," she says. She places her fingertips on my application. My interview has begun.
"That is the university library?" I ask, pointing behind her. "Where the class is to be held?"
"Yes. They're letting us use one of their conference rooms."
"Can anyone use the library, or only students and faculty?"
"You can't check anything out, but you can use the materials there. The public library is three or four blocks east. What do you want to research?"
"I'm sorry. I don't mean to pry."
. . . .

returned to availability

Sensation to Weekend
come to North Carolina !

I'm a dozen paces away when I remember and make an about-face. She's still standing where I left her, watching me go. "Belle Isle on Sunday morning?" I ask.
"I'd love to," she says immediately. "What time?"
"Nine o'clock."
"On the island by the footbridge."
"I'll look forward to it."

...the fortunes of Evolutionary Biology (aka Darwinism) in the public mind are rather beside the point: the Malthusian model - modified by Darwin and (re)presented in the Victorian era - has triumphed in the marketplace where it matters / because the marketplace is *everywhere* - New York, Beijing, Moscow, Riyadh...

our only hope lies in mutual aid.
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