January 16th, 2006

Patty Ess

Kelly Harrell born 13th September 1889

...near Pulaski in Wythe County, Virginia.

Durham the Weekend !
a soul event featuring many DJ's the Soul (from America and one the UK). among them? flavordav. IMAGINE the invisible threads linking DJ to dance floor / narrow lapels / a Norton and 5 or so scooters parked out frongt / a radical SKA HAT / and, yes, go.go g_rls. these are all worth the trip to the next town when you can !

Driving Down
j_sus f_ck i hate driving. rented an American knock.off of a Korean for to convey myself away, something that included a Disc Player. here's a list of Sound Recordings taken:

Slim Thug - Already Platinum
Helium - the Magic City
The Essential Skeeter Davis
De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising
The Sexual Life of the Savages: Underground Post-Punk from Sao Paulo, Brasil
Worried Blues (disc 1 of 4: the complete commercial output of Frank Hutchison)
The Essential Hank Snow
Boris - Akuma no Uta
Led Zeppelin - Capitol Center, Landover, MD / May 26, 1977 / disc 2 of 3...
Boris - Pink

...didn't get to all these 'cause / on the way back i discovered th'Stillers game on the AM (cuggin' WFIR switched to g_dpounded BASKETBALL with _ MINUTES TO GO / found *another* AM station - this one out of Lebanon, VA and quite vulnerable to the powerlines lining 220 North - so's i could HEAR the missed field goal...).

Conclusion? both Soul and Troy Polamalu are back !

that Dune prequel in the passenger seat? that belongs to other kids, honest! naw, i'm into the 20th century English Novel (hint: look outside England / in this case, the Nation-State of Canadia). watch:

"Don't mind me, my dear. I shall be as quiet as a mouse. I'll just tuck my box - don't you think 'box' is the best name for an old case like this? - in this corner, right out of your way." Which he did, and settled himself again on the sofa, and began to read from a thick little black book, moving his lips but making no sound. More prayers, I supposed.
"Excuse me, Dr. Parlabane; are you proposing to stay here for the morning?"
"For the morning, and for the afternoon, and this evening. The Bursar has no place for me, though he is kind enough to say I may eat in Hall. If that is really kind, which my recollection of Spook food makes me doubt."
"But this is my workroom!"
"It is my honor to share it with you."
"But you can't! How can I possibly work with you around?"

and so on.

a Musical Interlude

I remember I cried when my father died
Never wishing to have cried the tears...
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