January 21st, 2006


"I know Emo Phillips' stunt double"

I love that theory. It has holes, sure, many pointed out by my man Rob Sheffield, who wonders how it explains the Outfield. The thing is, the Advanced Theory can't explain everything.

...reminds me the time Paul Hinlicky, sporting brown shurt an' tie, was tawking about his man, Hegel.

[ Sarah E. Hinlicky, a student at Princeton Theological Seminary, is spending her summer in Slovakia, writing a novel ]

The Empire Never Ended
four hundred five years ago the Holy Roman Church murdered by fire one of Old Europe's greatest minds, Giordano Bruno. today they announce in their official press organ that Darwinism is True. this is the very thing to cause a crisis of faith among scientists (imagine the quandary of the comedian who makes Sinbad publicly gaffaw...).

without debating the merits of Evolutionary Biology, i've got to ask whether any of you find this declaration a shade .. hypocritical? the genesis of Darwin's Important Theory can be found in the work of economist Thomas Malthus -- Darwin said as much. i mean, one would be hard pressed to canonize one without the other. yet where does the Church continue to stand on the issue of birth control, hmm?

ah, but the Vatican is a government, no? complete with ambassadors and the like. and as I.F. Stone said, "Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed."

[ ...don't mean to sound irreligious. it is, after all, one of several goals to wind up a Syrian - er, Syriac - Orthodox Pope ]

Songs the Robertson Davies
"It was what established him as a really great paleo-psychologist."
"Have mercy, God! Is that some new kind of shrink?"
"You know it isn't. It's really digging into what people thought, in times when their thinking was a muddle of religion and folk-belief and rags of misunderstood classical learning, instead of what it is today, which I suppose you'd call a muddle of materialism, and folk-belief, and rags of misunderstood scientific learning."
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