January 29th, 2006


Year of the Shuttlecock

last night's cinema was The Day the Whole Fucking World Blew Up by Charles E. Cullen. g_rlfriend/co.star Janet Lubas has suggested faster edits, but in this Observer's opinion, the absurdly long lingering shots are part of the charm...

a Celebration of False Values
"the most distinguished person we've ever had" reads the subhed. the subject? guy name of Carter Burgess. hell, i didn't know who the guy was till he was dead. back in the 90's i received a disturbing letter from him about the late entertainer/author Timothy Leary. now i'm informed he used to run TWA and talked on the tellyphone to Howard Hughes every day. um, that's "pretty high and far out" (i guess), but unlike Don Pullen - better known in Europe than his hometown, natch - this Burgess guy never played with Mingus.

Virginia: dry-fucking Native Persons for 400 years
Recanted testimony by a young girl who accused Aleck J. Carpitcher of molesting her is insufficient to reverse his conviction, the Virginia Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday.
...Although it was not considered in court, a polygraph test administered to the girl shortly after her recantation indicated that she was telling the truth when she said the crime never happened.

and currently serving No Time Whatsoever
...William Gray, a child psychiatrist forbidden from practicing in California and Virginia and now living in the Philippines. he was fucking his patients, you see. and in 1993 he spread a potent, wholly unsubstantiated rumor about then attorney general Mary Sue Terry. Gray wanted revenge against Terry (then the Democratic candidate for Governor) for publicizing the state medical board's neglect in allowing a doctor disbarred in another state to set up shop in this one. so who benefitted most? well, George Allen, chuckleheaded son of a former Redskins coach, ended up winning the race in spite of Terry's pre.rumor lead in the polls. now he's a Senator taking his foolishness on the road in quest of the Presidency (and he's just dumb enough to win).

Wake Forest will try to woo him away
congratulations goes to Syracuse University biologist Scott Pitnick for successfully retracing the journey of academic masterracer Michael E. Levin. please accept this bag of money from the Pioneer Fund for your devotion to disinterested inquiry...

and Coming Soon!
I Remember Crowmeat Bob (a retrospective)
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