February 19th, 2006

Patty Ess

"The Ohio River, sir?"

riverran disturbingly uphill, from swerve of shore past the Croatian community center. the water, thick with Movements, arrove at an Air Station, place we were unexpectedly enchipped and dosed with Experimental. in sunny May we reverted to Pictdom (old style) and paid absolute Zero in the way of mind...

According to Wal-Mart Aviation
flying cars in 2007 !

Index of Plagiarisms: Harry Potter as Character in the fictions of fakebarrios
Observers are wondering whether there's anything like a 1:1 correspondence between Airman K. Kr_nn and the character Harry/Gary Potter as presented in the fictions of fakebarrios. in short, no -- the Reality of Airman K. Kr_nn merely presents an occasion for, um, fictionating ... a hat-rack, so to speak, on which to toss things Near and Far. for example:

1) the Diane Keaton character in Woody Allen's Manhattan ("I'm from Philadelphia...").

2) mKundera / The Unbearable Lightness of Being: "As he washed and urinated into the washbasin (standard procedure among Czech doctors), he had the feeling she was running back and forth outside the bathroom, looking for a way to break in." not ordinarilly the sort of thing i'd read, but it was assigned as part of James S. Hans' "Analingus in Contemporary Fiction" course at W_ke F_rest University (Hans would later cause something of a stir by referring to poet Maya Angelou as a "blind ignorant n*gger" / and, not unlike Dick Cheney, he stood firm against his critics [the department chair would soon be replaced by a more Hans-friendly personality...]).

and so on.

...it is my hope that these clarifications will cast my Wiseacrings in a more forgiving light (and if not, there is always the Blatant Plug: Crossroads, a college novel about animal people living in Ohio).

and of (in part) Ohio, the Lonesome Tumblers
this looks t'be a Public Informationcast. thing of it is, i had their recentest album on five disc exchange with a crowd of other stuff (William Hooker, Selling England by the Pound, etc) and it re.opened my hed, sure !

Popes on Film
2 minutes later !
Ron Drumm (center) with some record collectors (Paul Battaglia, not pictured, appears to've demised in the WTC attacks [i recall tawking with him on the telephone regarding a back-from-the-dead Pop Star]).

Winter Sport (from Chadbourne Baptist Church)
CURLING (John Zorn) Realizing the patrons of this Southern rockbar were most likely unfamiliar with early period Zorn compositions, the Church of Shephard, Reams, Hinnant, Fray, Doyle, Chadbourne and Dakota Joe Dunn on harmonica and baritone sax perform this selection from the series of "sports" pictures. Sometimes compared to Jason's slaying of the Golden Fleece or Christ's miracle number 56 is Chadbourne's initial encounter with this Canadian sport "curling," played on ice with brooms.

Chile, 1973: the forgotten 9/11
under "never forget," you might file the U.S. backed coup of the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende. you might consider those who were rounded into the soccer stadium and gunned down by troops loyal to General Pinochet. Phil Ochs would probably still be talking about it, but he is dead (and why the FBI had a 400 page file on a singer is anybody's guess...).

the new Warsaw Ghetto?

Next Week: did Bird Flu kill off the dinosaurs? also: Mayor Burcham says Mt. Puckers eruption "imminent."
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