February 27th, 2006

Patty Ess

Who's That Man?

member of the Bush clan? well, not that we know of. it is, in fact, multiple mega.serial killer Henry Lee Lucas / who, as t3dy recently pointed out, was the one death row inmate to have his sentence commuted to Life by then-Governor George W. Bush. but, yeah, don't be fooled by the sleepy eye / Henry Lee (d. 2001) may well have been some lost Bush cousin (that he wasn't made to wear an iron mask suggests that the Publick Curiosity has descended to crackhead indifference over the past 300 years...).

a _ week
filled with April Inventory (that Watney's Red Barrel of the Psyche), a 2004 in.studio of ... Afri-Rampo (or is it Afrirampo? in any case, further 2nd hand smoak by way of aairplane, a very Pope among Minds), a Country Teasers sound recording - lately revisited - from destructobanjo and a partial, pre.poking around the Life and Art of Charles Hoy Fort (let's listen in...)

The Eternal 19th Century
Science as archaic Wessex folk tune.
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    "henry lee" - Dick Justice (1929)