March 13th, 2006

Patty Ess

Chapel Hill

missed Edith Frost in Durham a week or so ago. sick, doncha know. anyway, she was scheduled to Return to NC, albeit in a purely supportive role, with Silver Jews on Tuesday Evening (th'14th). anyhoo, now it's Edith Frost not.coming 'cause she's bad throated sick. my tickets, though, so i'll be there and Hopeful (one Internet Wag describes S_lver J_ws as ex.Pavement personalities making a New Riders sound / teh_grate files them under teh Awesome [i'm Hopeful]).

Newspaper claims that their cash crop will eventually be converted to 90% of the world's heroin. primary growing region is that associated with the U.S. friendly "Northern Alliance." remember when the Soviets invaded? i guess everybody wants a piece of the action. anyway, here's a Curiosity:

When the Taliban ran Afghanistan, its leader enforced an effective ban on poppy growing under threat of jail. Cultivation dropped to practically nothing in 2000. other words, the Taliban ruined the national economy (albeit an economy where the majority of the profits go to Outsiders [protection money? given that gangsters are involved, sure...]).

Akron, Ohio
did you boys know that David Allan Coe is from there? i wonder if they'll use his hit song "Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile"* in that J_sus-with-a-Woody (a)biblical thriller starring Tom Hanks.

*when did it chart? fuck if i know. seems like it mighta been contemporaneous with ... Jason & the Scorchers' cover of "Absolutely Sweet Marie"...

"I'm Fredric Jameson, bitch!"
Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar drove a vehicle into a crowd of UNC-Chapel Hill students. his cover story was some tripe about "avenging the deaths of Muslims around the world." i call bullshit on that .. i smell a Duke fan. i suspect the police confiscated a copy of Catcher in the Rye signed by Coach K...

Your Letters
Lance Corporal Stupid S. Muthafucker of Minot, North Dakota writes:

Your geography is SUCK; Roanoke is in Virginia, you bum, NOT Ohio.

...well, Lance, maybe in your world of safe logic (and Kansas b-sides) is Roanoke a (dying railroad) town in "Virginia" ... but if you had any flavor of the place, any drive-around experience, not to mention knowledge of local media and government, you'd soon realize that - for all practical and poetick purposes - Roanoke is a suburb of Ohio.
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