March 27th, 2006


Historia de la Musica "Rock"

[ another misguided gesture w/ nods to wright-patterson pharmo-pop, zinc mining ballads of the __th century and - surprisingly - no Billy Joel, Marshall Tucker Band, or folk songs about Taylor Behl... ]

"see the horses" - HLFTR w/ C.S. Barrios
"last kind word blues" - Geeshie Wiley
"rock island line" - Johnny Cash
"mindless child of motherhood" - the Kinks
"burning airlines give you so much more" - Brian Eno
"hendrix buried in tacoma" - Shockabilly
"falling out of the century" - HLFTR
"this town's on fire" - Lonesome Tumblers
"a bunch of guys about to turn blue" - Drain
"remember" - John Lennon
"panis et circenses" - Mutantes
"overture to a holiday in berlin" - Frank Zappa
"man called aerodynamics" -
"big boring wedding" - Guided by Voices
"the endless plain of fortune" - John Cale
"time to get alone" - Beach Boys
"marcasite lace" - Alastair Galbraith
"soldier's joy" - the Skillet Lickers
"get out of that spaceship & fight like a man" - Grifters
"millencolin" - Farbror Banges Kapell
"flysong" - Loris []
"prince charlie stuart" - Amps for Christ
"fishing blues" - Henry Thomas's how we communicate in the 90's in Southwestern VA.

The Stone the Builders Rejected
John Kennedy Toole - his experiences while teaching at Hunter College (& his mysterious G.A.Y. life!). speaking of, why did Duke choke? some revelations from J.J. Redick's hometown that lead to Williamsburg, to Tribe guard Adam Trumbower (the stuff of Cinema-to-come, surely).

it's that time of the decade again
Bob used to write a column for the City Magazine. and when they brought in a layout designer from Gish's Mill, he dead vanished. he was being edited, you see, by a non.editor / but by assuming those tasks, she quickly became one (it's a thing). and she married someone - the last time i saw - his wrists were wrapped in tape:

Mr. Gibson: "his wrists are wrapped in tape."
Robby: "yeah."
Mr. Gibson: "what's the story?"
Robby: "he tried to kill himself because Lisa Johnson wouldn't go out with him."
Mr. Gibson: "i would've killed the girl."

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