April 3rd, 2006

Patty Ess

Legends of Southwestern Ohio

...that's what the sign said and it's (largely) accurate / not that there's any question of legendree here, L-rd no. it's just that we find ourselves in (maybe) Michigan, Louisville and (at least) Louisville the day before. but we're all Blakeans here, no? attempts at exactness will only leave you dissatisfied and awake (the bad kind). anyhoo, it's going t'be a mountain to process, but here's some initial thoughts/notions:

the occasion is Lonesome Tumblers Live in Detroit. i'm getting the good feeling from .. "the hawk wind of chicago" and "wrap yourself in some horsehair." favorites from a sea of no can wrong.

solo Tumblers? hell, i don't know / don't have a press kit handy. Arlo Pickens puts me in the mind of something heard long ago / the afterthought Disc 4 inna homemade box / 'cept with more distortion, Pac-Man and SONGS (they're unlabled, but *do* call up your local DJ and request 6, 10 and 36 [jus' like ordering Chinese...]). more likable than A Wizard, A True Star, certainly.

PALACE / live 6.4.95 - we'll file this one under REVELATORY on account i never got around to "getting" Granmasta Oldham. listened to some pieces of Sound Recording both pre and post.contemporary and .. well, it's not the same. any suggestions from those of you familiar with the discography?

Mysteries of Southwestern Ohio - no GBV, 'cause you boys can find that at th'muthacuggin' MALL. extraordinary. who knew that SW Ohio could hold its own with Sao Paulo? with Sumatra? hits by Wolverton Brothers, Thee Shams, Afghan Whigs, Lazy, Bang Tale, Lab Partners, Billy Catfish, Swearing at Motorists & Haywards.

hwut? Grateful Dead 7.19.74. not sure where they were, Laddies an' Gentlecaints, but the day before was Louisville ("it was evening all afternoon / it was Louisville and it was going to Louisville"). song put me in curiosity mode and - the weather making warm - i moved to Orpheum Theatre 7.18.76 where i may isolate (yet) "wharf rat" throo "stella blue" / or not (did i tell you i'm also reading Roger Morris' surprisingly neutral biography of the Clintons?).

Oliver Fucking Stone missed out
the authors suggest - without saying - that John Kennedy Toole's hurry to reach the Other Side was encouraged by worries over whatever GAY HOMOSEXUAL REVELATIONS might emerge in Jim Garrison's trial of Clay Shaw for Weird CIA and/or GAY involvement in the Assassination of John Kennedy (the other one). i don't f_cking know / all i know is his mother was a Damned Nut / just as she's the reason anybody knows who he is. anyway, here's something more:

Death by gunfire is such a violent and messy exist that, given Ken's passive and fastidious nature, it is unlikely this choice would have appealed to him. Not to mention that a bloody death would have ruined Ken's car and lowered its resale value.

Called to meet a Publisher in a Desolate Quarter of the City
though the business district was to the west, my directions led to east - down twards the riverbank - to two roughly identical cinderblock structures at opposite sides of the road. the Address - written on a 1997 road atlas - proved the one at my left t'be the very man. its front presented a dust-caked counter behind glass / and a torn out section like a ruined mouth, revealing a toilet's reverse shadow on plaster (whether stolen or lawfully removed, i cannot guess). suspicious - though not hopeful - of gaining entrance through the rear, i met with a door that gave at my knock. within were two beige doors and a dangling, naked bulb. though i presumed both to be closets, i opened one on a whim / a set of stairs (maple) to UP (this is not a Kafka novel / nor quite a Kafka movie).

Nurse Bataille
If the obscurity of wrath and the lucidity of wisdom do not ultimately coincide, how can we recognize ourselves in this world? But the fragments are to be found in the peak - it is there that we grasp the truth, which is composed of opposites, Good and Evil.
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