April 9th, 2006


"The World is an Octell Omwedding": the Clintons

"Bill was one of two people I have known who were just amazingly successful with women," said a friend from England. "You would hear him and say to yourself, 'No one is going to believe that line,' but they did." A housemate for a time, the British novelist Sara Maitland, remembered that she had a neurotic fear of hooded hair dryers and that Bill arranged for her to have her hair dried by hand at the beauty parlor. She thought it an example of "the very real way he is sensitive to the people around him."

...from the nearby stadium the two women fresh from Washington could hear the screams, "Sooooieee, sooieeee, pig, pig, pig," the ritual Arkansas Razorbacks' chant of "calling the hogs."
"For God's sake, Hillary, are you crazy?" Ehrmann finally asked her. "How are you going to survive here?"
"I love him," she answered.

In the horror of no longer being tricked he moves towards his last resort - he tries to trick someone else in order to trick himself for an instant..
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