April 17th, 2006

Patty Ess

"Tranvestite Tank Commanders for 300, Alex"

...one of you was good enough to draw my attention to New Boris Tour. missed 'em last time round 'cause i was high on a mountain of Stupid, apparently (in spite of Importance Arrows drawn in thick felt pen by thee mza). anyway, i *should* be able to make Baltimore. in June. [ it takes us Old Folks a bit longer { cue "run home slow theme"} ]

Swiss Tennis Starlet Patty Schnyder
one, two, three

Saturday Morning (the nightmares)
you boys prolly realise i'm in the market for my first vehicle. been considering a 40 mpg Toyota that would fit in the trunk of what i'm driving now (it only makes sense). the Nightmares, though, had other plans .. a Sunbeam Alpine that "needs work." phuc, that might be an option if the cars were anywhere t'be found *and* if gas didn't cost an arm and an anal.

pt th'2nd
i was up in Salem and, in the blink of an eye, turned Presbyterian not unlike the way Molly chose L. Bloom (i.e., tasted good at the time, but ultimately arbitrary..).

ps/ preview Dan Brown's next blockbuster !
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