April 24th, 2006


Projects for Hidden Exposure

Internets went down April __ due to (probably) lightning. so we're in a local college computer lab (it's a thing).

The Sequel to Confederacy of Dunces
...came 8 years or a quarter century later as dDeLillo's Libra.

Dyslexic Rabbit, Lysergic Monk
Win Everett was in pajamas looking at a two-day-old copy of the Daily Lass-O, the student newspaper at TWU. There were contests for yell leaders and twirlers. A nationwide search was under way for a typical coed. He sat in an armchair in a corner of the bedroom. He learned from the paper that the school's original name was the Texas Industrial Institute and College for the Education of White Girls of the State of Texas in the Arts and Sciences. He skipped the piece on JFK.

Orson Welles in deep focus
flavordav once sent an essay by Baltimore's Charles Hollander on Crying of Lot 49. lots of emphasis on names, how they're put together. some naming in the DeLillo book as well:

Agent Larry Parmenter - Permindex? mystery outfit associated with ... Louis Mortimer Bloomfield (Ian Fleming's Blofeld?)

Win knew that the name Mackey was a pseudonym assigned by the Records Branch. Theodore J. MACKEY.

...Ted Shackley? "the Blond Ghost"

The M Shanghai String Band
Brooklynites playing Traditional American Music. no better - or worse - than Brooklynites playing Forró, i suppose. i'll take the Black Twigs instead...
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