May 1st, 2006


figures in the government during a snowstorm

"A fact is innocent until someone wants it. Then it becomes intelligence. We're sitting in a forty-story building that has an exterior of lightweight embossed aluminum. So what? Well, these dullish facts can mean a lot to certain individuals at certain times..."

Someone said they saw it parking in a car lot
...white women in Roanoke, uber.WASPs in smart business attire. one says to 2,3 others (with equally maintained calves and hair), "isn't it just awful how you have to travel to Richmond to shop?"

[ sorry we don't have the $400 doorknobs. i mean, i'm fucking sorry, ma'am. one difference between Roanoke an' Richmond is Roanoke is well.aware of its end-of-the-line status on any given rubes tour (stand in line to see Rod Stewart? sure, whatever). Richmond, on the other hand, convinced itself long ago of its never.ending sophistication (based on what, we do not know) and is, as history shows, for Endless Duping... ]

Smash a Little Windowpane, Put Sugar in the Beer...
Jack Ruby's listening to some proto.Limbaugh character - or maybe it's George Noory - called "Weird Beard":

There are only two things in the world. Things that are true. And things that are truer than true. We need this little private alley where we can meet. Because this is Big D, which stands for Don't be Dissimilar. Am I coming in all right? Is my signal clear? We're the sneaky little secret they're trying to uncover. Do you think I'm making it up? I'm not making it up. Weird Beard says, Eat your cereal with a fork. Do your homework in the dark. And trust your radio before you trust your mother.

ps/ as you boys have undoubtedly learned, whatever (alleged) "information" is t'be found here is going to turn up - if anywhere - in the PostScript. so here's a rill *hot* one for ya, outshining by countless lumens the pyrite that makes up so.much of the Web: Confessions of a Pop Culture Addict !
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