May 8th, 2006

Patty Ess

Papa's got the Spaceship Blues

...lost demo to send to Tzadik Records (for their "Surfin' Sephardi" series, natch). disciplined tape recorder by throwing it at moon (Gravity sent it to the pavement).

is this the story of the Elagabalus?
You're nobody's sweetheart now,
There's no place for you somehow.
Fancy clothes, silken gowns,
You'd be out of place in your own hometown,
Walk down the avenue,
They can't believe it's you.
Painted lips, painted eyes,
Wearing a bird of paradise,
It all seems wrong somehow,
You're nobody's sweetheart now...

"I kilt the john!": Fritz Cat/Oswald Babbit/Leon Batfish
"This is one of those times I don't know if I'm doing it or remembering it," she said.
"Doing what?" Ferrie said.
"In other words am I home in bed thinking about this or is the whole thing happening right now?"
"What whole thing?" Ferrie said.

"Landmont Aviational, may you be helped?"
an endless boxing match at eternal night, Virginia Creeper's crept across the right front tyre of the Toyota. reclaimed my socio-political hat, a beige dare from a land (the back seat a museum of bags and stops-along-the-way to Becoming-Automaton). in dreams your light goes out .. or its bloo beam dims past use (whatever). all i know is it'll go eventually / leaving you someplace you can't wake out of.

Be Ready.
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