May 15th, 2006



...saw the People that evening, some of whom i hadn't seen in 15 or more years (is this possible?). a number of 'em, it turns out, have moved to the same City Avenue (it's a thing, one i'm resolving still in my hed). didn't return to work till 3 am Sat Morning. next week? Pelt's Rural American(?) offshoot, the Black Twigs.

the esteemed maria_sputnik has been posting off an' on about the Bosnian Pyramids, making her a favorite in the Barrios household. a recent link - one that seems to require 7 shades of salt in order to digest - suggests a Masonic Scheme to take Bosnia away from the Bosniaks and, perhaps, resettle them in Northern Ireland: let's listen in !

Zappa Fans
[ Zappa moved to New York in the days when coffee was still a dime and a subway token cost 15 cents. The World Trade Center had yet to be built and the wanton destruction of 25 city blocks of historic nineteenth-century buildings to make way for it - including the oldest cast-iron building in the world - had yet to begin. ]

Any Way the Wind Blows
Zappa's father? a meteorologist for the Army's Chemical Warfare division. each member of the family, living on base in Maryland, was issued a gas mask...

next week's Current Music? "the bitterest pill" by the Jam
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    "most exclusive residence for sale" - Kinks