May 27th, 2006

Patty Ess

Galopes Del Tirador [Jennings] Entre Dos Tensiones Diabólicas

“hey, is that Tim?”
“brown jacket, front row.”
“how the fuck should I know?”
“go down there and see if you can’t wake him up.”
“what? How?”
“be creative !”

[ meanwhile… ]

“he touched my breasts with his bow.”
“excuse me?”
“tabhair dom do lámh … *these*.”
“ … “
“what are you writing? Are you in a magazine?”
“the fiddle’s buried under the banjo, it’s like some reverse Fate Norris effect.”
“are you from around here?”
“I’m from New York.”
“which part?”
“the City.”
“I’ve heard of it.”

Escape from Trance Mountain

Ho Chi Minh as proto.bin Laden
Ho continued to receive American aid after the Japanese withdrew from Vietnam following their surrender on August 14, 1945. “We had a trusted agent whom we regularly supplied with weapons, radio equipment, operators and medicine. All of it served to reinforce his position and status,” wrote journalist Lloyd Shearer.

Wilhelm Reich
As a physician, I have to treat diseases, as a researcher I have to disclose unknown facts in nature. If, now, a political wind-bag were to try to force me to leave my patients and my microscope, I would not let myself be disturbed but would, if necessary, throw him out. Whether or not I have to use force in order to protect my work on the living function against intruders does not depend on me or my work but on the intruders' degree of impertinence. Let us assume that all those who do work on the living function were able to recognize the political wind-bag in time.

[ and here's a most fearsome blimp... ]

'Feared' Richmond editorialist to retire
Ross Mackenzie writes: but it's unrealistic for an editorial writer to think that by the sheer power of his argument and the clarity of his writing, he is going to persuade a vast number of readers.

i hope he isn't referring to himself. i mean, that bow.tied, prose-torturing dirigible isn't fit to hold Mencken's chamberpot...

Dog Faced Hermans Song of the Day
"From a business standpoint, as long as these attitudes have been built into the American mind, they can pose a girl in an evening gown next to a transistor radio and somehow that makes the radio more interesting, makes it work beter, makes it fun. Or they'll use red cars. Or designs that include triangles."

Young Mayer also added to his client list the royal German family of Thurn und Taxis, a descendant of which would be executed as a member of the secret society which created Adolf Hitler. The prominent Thurn and Taxis family administered a courier service throughout the Holy Roman Empire. “They prospered because they received before their rivals news of market trends, commodity prices and major political events,” noted Rothschild biographer Derek Wilson. Mayer saw firsthand that information, especially obtained quickly, often meant great wealth. Today, the axiom has become “time equals money.” To prevent prying eyes from reading their mail, the family wrote all correspondence in Judendeutsch, German written in Hebrew characters.