June 4th, 2006


Pastor Dragan of the Serbian Babtist Churck

Victor Slezak: starred in The Atrocity Exhibition (2000, D: Weiss); miami preacher (Notorious Bettie Page)
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A. Goff Stanley
rejecting imperialist burger

For LJ flavordav, teh_grate...
With France and Britain coming dangerously close to both recognizing and aiding the South, it was Russia's pro-North Czar Alexander II who tipped the balance the other way. After receiving information that England and France were plotting war to divide the Russian Empire, Alexander ordered two Russian fleets to the United States in the fall of 1863. One anchored off the coast of Virginia while the other rested at San Francisco. Both were in perfect position to attack British and French commerce shipping lines. No threats or ultimatums were made public, but it was clear that should war come, the Russian Navy was in a position to wreak havoc.

Screen Door Detective
there's a tv crime drama called Law & Order: SVOO. watched the end of a recent number and - lo! - there was Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman as a homicidal mother presiding over an incest theme / and i says, "this seems familiar." ...as it turns out, CBS - in continuing the media witch doctor tradition - are mining th'same vein explored in old detective magazines. remember those? covers would feature a bound an' gagged lass posing convolutedly with a horrified look of horror, lurid hedlines such as "WHO STUFFED THE SLAIN GAYS IN THE FREEZER?" and, yes, ads for old man shoes chiseled out of solid blocks of NASA-grade plastic. something to relax in while waiting for "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour"...

the Great American Midwest
we're congratulating Lara Gose an' Ed Gentry on their recent marriage/wedding/civil union (etc) !
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