June 12th, 2006

Patty Ess

b.day come recent

my sister's friend from Colombia made empanadas !

Ann Coulter
looks like some angry dude in an Amber Frey disguise.


i discover (by Internet hearsay) that she spends the last 80 pages of her gimmick-ridden book craphounding Darwinism (what Darwinists refer to as "Evolutionary Biology" in a fairly transparent bid to de.historicize the field). on the other hand, she positions herself as a Christian ... and sorry, but Christian attacks on Darwinism are a primary reason that particular Victorian relic persists. so my (cautious, provisional) take is "you go, girl (and don't let the screen door hit your non.ass on the way out)."

? ? ?
The car, a Chrysler New Yorker with Maine plates, was driven by Martha Fleishman of Squirrel Hill who made a left turn toward the bridge in front of the cyclist. The motorcycle hit the car and Roethlisberger flew into the windshield and then hit the ground head first.

The entire front end of the motorcycle was destroyed. The car sustained damage on the passenger side door. Fleishman's husband, Martin, confirmed in a telephone interview that his wife was the driver but said the couple didn't want to discuss what happened.

destructobanjo told me about them (they may've sent Smoak Signals at each other from across the Ohio River). sound samples from the WWW are not a help / no indication (a-tall) of their live performance FORCE / and i'm doubled over in Stupid t'figuring out how can this be? with that said, i prefer (generally) a band that's at its best LIVE. i maintain that it's something immune to technology's Cunning Deceptions.

thanks, flavordav

"An ememy of the Templars shall tell us the secret"
To acquire influence and wealth, then to intrigue, and at need to fight, to establish the Johannite or Gnostic and Kabalistic dogma, were the object and means proposed to the initiated Brethren. The Papacy and the rival monarchies, they said to them, are sold and bought these days, become corrupt, and to-morrow, perhaps, will destroy each other. All that will become the heritage of the Temple: the World will soon come to us for its Sovereigns and Pontiffs. We shall constitute the equilibrium of the Universe, and be rulers over the Masters of the World.

...aka "Rants from the Waiting Room"
The better to succeed and win partisans, the Templars sympathized with regrets for dethroned creeds and encouraged the hopes of new worships, promising to all liberty of conscience and a new orthodoxy that should be the synthesis of all the persecuted creeds.

i know you are, but what is Mistah Weishaupt?
The Templars were unintelligent and therefore unsuccessful Jesuits.

a handful of peas into the air
Hell is impassable for those only who know not how to turn back from it. We free ourselves from its bondage by audacity.
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