June 21st, 2006

Patty Ess

Nikki giovanni has A Sekrit Admirer !

no shit - Somebody mailed her a box of fish by way of a certain parcel carrier competing aggressively for your business (hope she doesn't mind pike with a concussion...).

In the merry old land of OZ
In the end the whole town had to appeal to her from their windows, promising if she freed them never to molest her again but, on the contrary, always to defend her against harm; then she relented and removed the spell. But she took her revenge on the chairman of the meeting by spiriting away his house at midnight - walls, floors, foundations and all, with himself inside - to a town a hundred miles off.

John Ankerberg <3s Greece !

The Wizard of GORE
He ate a huge meal, a great deal of bread and nearly a whole cheese, and then complained of thirst. "Come here, Socrates," I said. "This looks better than milk. Have a good drink of it." He got up, walked along the shelving bank until he found a place that suited him, knelt down, bent his head forward and began to drink greedily. But hardly had his lips touched the water when the wound in his throat opened wide...

Wilhelm Reich too was horribly burned
In brief, Marxist politics had not included in its political practice the character structure of the masses and the social significance of mysticism.

In fact, vulgar Marxism militates against a comprehension of the structure and the dynamics of ideology, by brushing it aside as "psychology" which is called "non-Marxist."

The finding that the "ideology" changes more slowly than the economic basis, that there is a lag between them, becomes now understandable. The character structures which correspond to a certain historical situation are formed in early childhood and are much more conservative than the foces of technical production. It follows that, as time goes on, the psychological structures lag behind the development of the social conditions from which they stemmed and which progress rapidly. Therefore, they come into conflict with the later forms of living.

it's POP !
he's an ADDICT (the esteemed mistah zatara2000 performs the Great Work some billion miles north of here).
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