June 30th, 2006

Patty Ess

Saving Private Potter?

Wimbledon: the update
i'm thinking that smileyhed Andre Agassi is ruining the tournament. by announcing his retirement, this 20th ranked player, a guy who spent most his career in the shadow of Pete Sampras, is hogging the already limited stateside coverage. the sooner he's ousted, the better (best scenario? a career-ending tackle from the stands [where have you gone, Lawrence Taylor?]). Agassi's "legacy"? they'll prolly name an artificial lake in Las Vegas after him...

Venus Williams
watched her defeat an unseeded white girl who - while not necessarily "fat" - was definitely leaning on pork. anyway, i'm sure ... Bethanie (or was it Krystal or Cammy?) has a bright future (as a Wal.Mart cashier).

as for Patty Schnyder's early exit, that leaves this Observer not too,too far from Clinically Depressed.

ps/ question is, is there anybody on the women's tennis circuit who might rescue Cpl Shalit(?) in a daring, cross-border mission? Tzipi Obziler comes to mind and, following a 6-4 6-4 elimination by Shikha Uberoi, she's pretty much available.