July 19th, 2006


summertime done

come and gone
my oh my

[ a response posted at the old neo.Cab board (Brian Wilson, Beach Boys, all the issues of the day...)]

...rumor du jour is that an Iranian missile brought down Flight 800 over Long Island ten years ago / that Clinton knew this, but - for political reasons - chose not to hold Iran accountable. some of you will say, "that's no rumor, that's fact." others will say, "where'd you hear *that*? the George Noory program?" as a matter of fact, i did not / it was my uncle who heard it and is now convinced of its unshakable facthood.

my interest here is in a reasonable balance of power, in America being able to tell friend from foe. the politicians and media (both Left and Right) are playing up Syria and Iran (a notion authored by the Canadian-born David Frum). if the great tipping point in recent American history was 9/11, the blame-arrows lead back (mainly) to Saudi Arabia, birthplace of the Wahhabi schools (hate factories, essentially). other countries worth looking at are Yemen and Egypt. now i know you boys are going to say, "it wasn't the Saudi government that attacked us, but a rogue element." well, fact of the matter is, the government of Lebanon did not attack Israel. all of which is to say:

we would be as justified in bombing Saudi Arabia as Israel is in attacking Lebanon.

my interest here is in the protection of the Shi'ites and Shi'ia from those who seek to destroy them. not because i have any interest in Islam, but because the pre.Islamic Sufis chose Shi'ism as their cover, a presumably more tolerant people to move among (throughout Muslim history the Sufis have, from time to time, been put to death as heretics).

with the end of the Cold War, Richard Perle and others suggested that - with America the sole undisputed superpower in the world - balance of power politics had become obsolete. in short, there was no longer any reason for America not to pursue hegemony in that exhilarating powder keg known as the Middle East. with this theory, America is to pursue a program of nation-building, a mission that some would argue is substantially at odds with our tradition of avoiding foreign entanglements. the associated talk centers around "democratic values" and what.not, even though the people of Egypt and Saudi Arabia (among others) would elect some truly hostile governments if they were able. but once you get past all the talk, it's all about markets ... selling, buying, making somebody rich. are America's core values centered around the dollar? and if so, does our foreign policy seek to bring the rest of the world down to our level?
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