August 6th, 2006

Patty Ess

Hello (Excited Place of) America

You attack and destroy everything that stands in the way of your own insane pattern.

from Someone Else
Ted Kaczynski was right / specifically, that there's no way to separate the positive from the negative uses of technology (a tool kit: build something, bash in your neighbor's skull, a bit of both...).

Smooth Space Peripherals
Daryl Hall (real name Hohl) first met John Oates at the Adelphi Ballroom in Philadelphia in 1967 while attending Temple University. Both were heading their own musical groups - the Temptones (Hall) and the Masters (Oates) - at the time. They were there at a band competition when gunfire rang out between two rival gangs, and in trying to escape, they ran to the same service elevator.

Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - of th'Doobies and th'DAN - is these.days some kinda Pentagon advisor.

[ KEYWORDS: Deleuze, Gerry Rafferty, the Unspecified Enemy ]