August 13th, 2006


Sound the Familiar

(The Chalk Triangle. Association for the discovery of the adults' secrets)

Story Goes
...that Airman K. Krinn was recalled to Ohio by Gov. Taft to help with the state's defense. according to the Israeli Defense Force, Hezbollah rockets were observed being fired from Dayton, a city presently under IDF aerial bombardment.

Brudda against Brudda...
well, not exactly ... Rob "Ostrogoth" Pensées' plan to join the IDF was foiled at the Israeli border:

"but you are not Jewish."
"yes, but i think my intimate familiarity with Society of the Spectacle as well as Difference and Repetition make me uniquely qualified to assist in your ... rather, our struggle."
"i cannot help you."
"perhaps i can lead your army with my magical fife. i've played for the likes of Deerhoof, i'll have ye know."

Hey, Aqualung !
"I've learned how to do it by listening to records and going through phases of understanding with jazz," he says while sitting in the living room of his apartment, crowded with stacks of vinyl and CDs, sheet music and obscure films.
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