August 21st, 2006

Patty Ess

Midge Decter has a penis

...i'm sorry, i meant a plan. co-founder (with Don Rumsfeld) of the Committee for the Free World (not quite the same as Robespierre's Committee of Public Safety), she envisions a Mideast willing to embrace Eighteenth Century Enlightenment Values (at the point of a gun, no less). "Why?" is the question in my mind. i mean, the imposer of said values, the US Government, has largely turned its back on the primary relic of that era (i.e., that quaint museum piece, the Constitution). why in heaven's name should these Muslims and/or Arabs de.emphasize that Koran thing they're so lovey.dovey with in order to admit ideals and principles that we've largely abandoned?

The Betrayal of Revolutions
recognize the signs. see if your nation-state's leadership...
a) proclaims the regression to be a progress;
b) proclaims itself the savior of the world; and
c) proceeds with the firing squad against those who remind it of its duties.

Wilhelm Reich: still beastly dead, still terribly on the mark
The anarcho-syndicalists strove for self-government; but they shrank from taking cognisance of the gigantic problem of human incapacity for freedom and refute any guidance of social development. They were Utopians and perished in Spain. They only saw the longing for freedom , but they confused this longing with the ability really to be free and to be capable of living and working without authoritarian leadership. They refuted the party system but were unable to suggest how the enslaved masses could learn to govern their lives themselves. Hatred against the state alone will not achieve anything. The problem is deeper and more serious.
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