September 10th, 2006

Patty Ess

let's look for our keys

...under the streetlamp because there's more light there, even though we lost them across the street.

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Hinoy, Europaische Hefte, November 22, 1934
"The workers (in the Soviet Union) do not feel themselves the masters of their country, not even the youth among them. The State is the master; but youth considers this state as their own, and from this stems the patriotism of youth."

Wilhelm Reich died in prison ("thoughtcrime") 11/3/1957
Such findings were general and left no doubt that the society of the Soviet Union during the '30s - whether one approves of it or not - had nothing whatsoever to do with the original program of the Communistic Party which culminated in the thesis of the abolition of the state. This is an objective statement of fact and not a political program directed against the Soviet Union. I should like to ask the secret agents of the G.P.U. in Europe and America* to take cognisance of this. Murdering those who make such statements of fact will not change the facts in the least.

[ *Michael Whitney Straight - i guess it's cool t'be a traitor when you're a member of the Ruling Class... ; and a most remarkable piece of work, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Soviet spy and much, much more: Harry Dexter White ! ]

cf, Paul Hinlicky: "Hegel is my man"
The reactionary, typically, demands that the power of the state be above society; he demands the "idea of the state," which leads in a straight line to dictatorial absolutism, whether this be represented in state form by a royal, ministerial or openly fascist absolutism.
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