September 19th, 2006

Patty Ess

Mel Gibson: We Were Abductees

FACT: You can't meet a deadline if you're dead !
Driving defensively means staying alert to changing circumstances. You can't pay attention if you're distracted. You should be watching the road, not the hot air balloon.

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Repeat after me: "my mind was on something other than paying attention."

Language is to entrance, not inform.
Information is a feeling,
the feeling of being informed.

Everywhere you drive, there is an accident waiting to happen (unsafe wherever you go). Whether you're on the freeway (a decayed overpass they make a witty hieroglyphic of), at the mall, or in the parking garage, you are someone's potential victim (it is as simple to improvise a citizen as to become a killer on U.S. soil).

ps/ Aurora, no cug proprietress while crafting an irresistible mix of jeep-thumpers, is giving up on the french gathers (gawn like the morrow's jeeps thumped to garbled tin).

On Tuesday, October 17, 2000, Dewey Gland said:
missing rock star/algae merchant jenny paralysis once played a gig(!) with labradford and eggs. maybe valentine's day 1992(?) at The Metro when everybody was equally Invisible. other than my sister, she was the only person to visit me in pittsburgh. and you and y'all would've enjoyed last evening's nightmare - a reworking of george saunders' "bounty." set on 9th street - which was all an enormous golf course - i was trying to move "up" (jeffersons fans, take note) and was disallowed owing to some unremembered flaw.

Vine Street Drag
For she must walk out. And it must be with who. Teaseforhim. Toesforhim. Tossforhim. Two. Else there is danger of. Solitude.
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