October 2nd, 2006


Pablo Schwartz: the dude who saw tomorrow

initiating the Aeon of Digital Madness (i.e., the modern sound file) three - or two - years prior to teh wozniak's famous joining of Christina Amphlett and Wesley Magoogan in, um, commodious hand or arm (in Sunny Southern California...).

the Sufis invented bubble wrap
"We have the air within the bubble, while the Christians have only the plastic."

Return of Miss Devi (1966)
Brooklyn playwright Jeffrey Stanley couldn't get either of the guys who played Skunk Baxter in Yacht Rock, so he changes what could've been a nice Austeresque comedy to something weightless yet ... overburdened w. the Serious (cue A Silver Mt. Zion). lesson? sometimes re.writes are Shit (keywords: wordsworth , prelude).

Return of Miss Portinari (1979)
When Simon Moon was appointed Chief of the Computer Section at GWB-666, he immediately junked all the personnel tests then in use and replaced them with a one question test of his own devising based on the Vlad Enigma. Applicants were simply told the story of Vlad and the monks by an interviewer and asked which monk Vlad impaled. Those who said Vlad impaled the lying flatterer were classified as nebbishes by Simon; they were the kind of fools who still, despite all evidence to the contrary, regarded government and those in authority as honest and just. They would tell the truth to superiors. They were hired at once.

a Chiropractor in Gulfport, Miss. (2006)
Arthur Dyer "Art" Tripp III ... vibework on Lick My Decals Off, Baby, percussion various on Uncle Meat ... born in Ohio, raised in Pittsburgh...
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