October 8th, 2006

Patty Ess

Void Transaction ("ten years the waves")

while we were moving the collection to the basement of the old courthouse, automation librarian Vickie Anway said, "i can help you sometime if ever, you know, really need it."

but one day she vanished. her replacement was ... Rebecca Heller, wife of the English chair. maybe you've seen her / she looked like Calvin's mom (for those of you who remember the comic strip).

"And how did they drive people mad? They turned up the volume of the inner monologue, magnified qualities already present to great excess, made people so much themselves that they couldn't stand it."

The Invisible Man
switching to the other side of the border, Wake Forest University includes the name of Allen Mandelbaum in its English graduate program brochure. thing of it is, there's no evidence of the renowned translator of Dante and Virgil in the department. a classic example of "bait and switch."

...on the other hand, they have a Shakespeare professor of rare ability: Olga Valbuena (a Colombian national). i have no idea what she's published and frankly don't care: you can read a book (anybody's) on your own time, but if you're paying tuition, you owe it to yourself to get taught.

...contrast with James S. Hans. a quick glance at his list of published works makes him seem like West Central North Carolina's answer to William Spanos, but exposure to the man reveals a (post)middle-aged sack of unresolved conflicts, most of them with his father (far, far away in Chicago, if not deceased). and in spite of a course titled "Anilingus in Contemporary Fiction," in the end it proved t'be about as fresh and provocative as a Beck album.

(un)becoming "trash item" (a Young Person's Guide to The)
a faint rose-print in coloured pencil..

ps/ Palace Music (1976)
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