October 16th, 2006

Patty Ess

Amanita Phalloides / "higher human values"

at the time she was being picked over by two magickal frauds name of Lorenzo (a fifty-something "young poet") and Joel (a fratboy Castaneda).

Used Bonsai, ten bucks
I stood staring at Judy's door, which was adorned with photographs of automobile crashes, lurid headlines cut from the Weekly World News, and a nude Barbie doll hanging from the doorknob by a noose. By now it was one o'clock. I walked back to my pristine white door at the end of the hall, the only one in the suite unobscured by taped-up religious propaganda and posters of the Fleshtones and suicidal epithets from Artaud, and wondered how all these people were able to put up all this crap on their doors so fast and why they did it in the first place.

Memories Can't Wait (contest announcement !!!)
Prize? Everybody wins once i'm removed from this Bad Area,* i.e., no more complaints about how i don't know anyone here ... and have to drive 4 or 5 hours t'see a show (etc, etc). places i've, on some level, enjoyed include Pittsburgh. and Chapel Hill. pretend they're "out of the question" a-and suggest others...

BBC Interviews Hezbollah Information Minister
(who chose to speak in Arabick). asked about his current reading, he expressed keen interest in comprehending the philosophy of the enemy (which in our case is Leo Strauss).

Airman Krinn Responds
"wait a minute, wait a minute..."
"that philosopher, that pants philosopher..."
"how can he be my enemy if i don't know who he is?"
"you're not walking alone in that respect."
"i don't lose sleep over him, he's not my enemy."
"fair enough."
"my nightmares are different, no pants philosophers."
"what counts as Horror in your economy?"
"Redd Foxx trying to sell me a Mac."

"A ship is not going to fire rockets at sea for nothing"
damn straight (straighter than a black finger pointing at the sky).

Songs teh Wilhelm Reich
Because man has been biased in favor of a mechanistic concept of the world he has been incapable of grasping the specifically living, non-mechanistic functioning. Man dreams of one day constructing a homunculus, a Frankenstein, or at least an artificial heart or artificial protein. The phantasies which man developed about this homunculus show a brutal monster which, though human-like, is mechanically stupid and awkward, filled with enormous powers which, once released, can no longer be inhibited and will automatically wreak destruction. This, Disney has splendidly shown in his "Fantasia." In such phantasies of man about himself and his functioning we miss any expression which would be kind, alive, social and natural. Conversely, it is striking to see how man, in portraying animals, gives them just those traits which he misses in himself and which he does not ascribe to his homunculus figures. This, too, is splendidly exemplified in Disney's animal films.

[ Chris returned to the party in what he took to be an intimidating leopard skin vest ]
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