October 29th, 2006

Patty Ess

Sam Phillips (mid or late 90's)

now her love's a corporation
and she's just post humorous

[ *Since Cyndi Lauper was popular at the time and also had a high-pitched, idiosyncratic vocal style, Myrrh Records insisted on promoting her as "the Christian Cyndi Lauper" ]


Tire Sale Confidential (A Barrious Omsortment)
an old novel you maybe heard about on Oprah (on a segment called "WASPs do the Strangest Things"). at times flirting with Genre Horror - think Peter Straub - it unfortunately shys away, settling instead on undercooked Erziehungsroman, yet providing an enticing glimpse at a cheesy Hollywood Entertainment surprisingly unmade...

"the twins"? in the novel they come from beautiful ... ThisArea (human twins, not matching car.lots at the Atlanta airport / or those ones made the cover of DeLillo's Underworld / or the suggestive Biblical Song of Songs...). but it's two of the non.twin characters who actually have some blood precedent in the Greater Tire Sale region (an ordinary author's trick, but each one handles it differently). FIRST, the Victim, "Bunny" Corcoran blends two persons who, like the Twins, attended the same "country day school in Roanoke" (you will find their names unfamiliar and, hence, unentertaining). HENRY, on the other hand, is based primarily on Christopher King, tweak Grammy winner for Screamin' And Hollerin' The Blues: The Worlds of Charley Patton (on the Revenant label). the sage Willie Nelson tells us: "Miracles appear in the strangest of places." inf#ckindeed -- and the heart of this ... New England novel by a Mississippian narrated by a Californian (not, i might add, George Allen or the pederast who got him the governorship in '93) lies most squarely in T_re S_le.

Gno yr Gneokons
step 1: Robert Kagan (Carnegie Endowment for Blowing Shit Up) - "Fataturk"
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