November 27th, 2006


бежевая софа

visitors of morning !

Hoy City Superconstruction
Then I think I have data of a vast construction that has often come to this earth, dipped into an ocean, submerged there a while, then going away -- Why? I'm not absolutely sure. How would an Eskimo explain a vessel, sending ashore for coal, which is plentiful upon some Arctic beaches, though of unknown use to the natives, then sailing away, with no interest in the natives?

cf, Henry Jackson Society (UK)
Long after a group of politicians are all through in one country, they continue their old ideological debates in some other far-away country, without any contact with actual happenings. There would be no objection to that if they were content with the satisfaction derived from their debating; if they did not try to impose their ideologies on others or even to shape the fate of nations...
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