December 3rd, 2006

Patty Ess

(a) things i couldn't say i'm on camera to do

the night before i went looking for 6 ft cables, i was put out of sleep by Fear. smashed the cassette recorder i'd purchased for Languages on the front porch. seeking new tape recorder republick, but what good's a prepared/surveyable space with no counterbalance?

You can't go out West to find privacy. You need to build inward. That's the only direction left to build.

присяжный крайняя полость
And you're Tyler? said the Queen.
Yes, ma'am.
And the fellow lookin' for me?
Jonas Brady from Missouri. That's his name, ma'am. You know him?
Sure I know him, she said with a grin. Klexter, klokan, kladd, kludd, Kligrapp ...

Bomb's Red Glare
"Anyone at all educated," protested Lindsay, "knows that Fourth of July fireworks are the patriotic symbols of noteworthy episodes of military explosion in our nation's history, deemed necessary to maintain the integrity of the American homeland against threats presented from all sides by a benightedly hostile world."
"Explosion without an objective," declared Miles Blundell, "is politics in its purest form."

...good morning, people! that was a selection from Against the Day, a new novel that, after a while, turns on. me? i'm poking along, still, but here's one thus.far Mpression: a link or bridge between Dos Passos (1919) and Bill Burroughs' mid.trilogy Western (The Place of Dead Roads).

No Rest for the Shit Disturbers
public enemy of the day? i nominate ... Joshua Muravchik.
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