December 8th, 2006

Patty Ess

This Day in Terrorism

a Cornish nationalist groop blew up an English magistrate's court on this day in 1980. and, oh yeah, a chubby kid name of Mark Chapman put the brakes on Yoko's plan to divorce John (something else he didn't see coming...).

Britney Spears
turns out that she - not unlike Natalie Merchant, Michael Stipe and Barbie - has no genitalia. this was likely a deal worked out with Disney back when she was but a sprout ("Can you make my child a star? There is no sacrifice too great!"). in simpler times, Disney (pre.brain-freeze, pre.MoonHoax...) asked Annette Funicello would she wear the one-piece rather than the bikini (an image to uphold, you see) and she acquiesced. these, however, are different times: Britney and her ilk do what they wawnt / and the Corporation does what it feels it must in "looking after" its product...

Next Stop on the Chardonnay Ladder: President of the Atlantic Ocean?
"K_vin Kr_nn, Project Manager, Landmark Boating" -- i can't decide which Psykick Genealogy he's heiring himself after: (Milton) William Cooper or Gerry Rafferty?
During the run up to the Gulf War, Congressman Lantos played a prominent role in fostering the "Nurse Nayirah" hoax, which helped create an political atmosphere in support of an invasion. Lantos used his Congressional Human Rights Caucus to host a well-spoken young Kuwaiti woman identified only as "Nurse Nayirah". The woman told of horrific abuses by Iraqi soldiers, including the killing of Kuwaiti babies by taking them out of their incubators and leaving them to die on the cold floor of the hospital. The televised testimony immediately became a part of the heated rhetoric in support of a declaration of war on Iraq, was cited by President Bush on at least six occasions, and convinced many members of Congress to vote in favor of war.

This story was, in fact, a complete fabrication, as reporters eventually discovered after searching in vain for evidence of any hospitals, witnesses, or any parents who had lost infants in Kuwaiti hostpitals. The woman was in fact the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States, and had been coached on this story by the PR firm of Hill & Knowlton who were paid $14 million by representatives of the Government of Kuwait to create a PR campaign to generate US support for an invasion. Hill & Knowlton also provided free office space to the Congressional Human Rights Foundation, of which Lantos was co-chair at the time.

And I said to myself, this is the business
we've chosen - I didn't ask who gave the
order - because it had nothing to do with
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