December 23rd, 2006


where rocking-horse people eat carmelite nuns

th'Lodge as Wonderland Zoo (by-way-of flavordav)

My Medical Evening
foot was bent out of shape having been run-up-upon by some heavy metal. the pain bent my mind sufficiently to, um, nullify the surprising spectre of being pushed wheelchairwise by vice president/general manager K_ren into Memorial's Emergency Labyrinth. in addition to the Waiting and Pain, there was plenty of staff buzzing about, one of whom bore no small resemblance to ... Janet Lubas (do i look like i'm minding?).

NEW ... from the assholes who brought you the Iraq War
...the AEI report ("Choosing Victory") by Fred Kagan (brother of Robert, son of Donald ... sheesh, i feel like i'm in th'feckin Book of Kings here...).

Virgil Goode: Головка огурцом
Virginia's 5th District Congressman recently assured his constituents that you'll never find him with his hand on no steenkeen Kor-an. this in response to the news that incoming Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota will be doing his swearing-in on that very Holy Book. but how th'fuck does that matter exactly? i mean, if a man, woman or fuzzy wonder goat happens to believe, for example, that Fleetwood Mac's Tusk lp is Holy Writ, i'd say that they're obligated to swear an oath on it. otherwise, said oath is meaningless...

SEASONS (the Eldritch TriWheel)
all dustless and tidy, shadows in permanent possession, window-drapes and upholstery in deep hues of green, claret and indigo, servants who did not speak, who would or could not meet one's gaze ...

when all my dime-dancing is through
"The terrain is quite real, quite of this world - that, you may appreciate, is exactly the problem. Now, as in Sfinciuno's time, there are two distinct versions of 'Asia' out there, one an object of political struggle among the Powers of the Earth - the other a timeless faith by whose terms all such earthly struggle is illusion. Those whose enduring object is power in this world are only too happy to use without remorse the others, whose aim is of course to transcend all question of power. Each regards the other as a pack of deluded fools."

ps/ so, yeah, Happy St. Dagobert's Day ! (and if it helps to believe, regard the Visible Powers - Pharoahs, Industrialists, ad nauseam - as but middle management : they too shall soon be skinned and devoured...)
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