February 7th, 2014


deris a sayig amongst my people ..

helen castros william byrd class of 1977
Don't start no shit, won't Be no shit !
cara gangloff cara joyce
.. it's the 2nd month of twenny-fourteen and the, um, "ex.wife" is back (did she ever Leave?) in the form of trying (again) to Bullshit the Public. nothing unusual there: she did it during - and prior to - our "marriage" as well.

this could have been settled back in .. September, 2012, but my attorney - for reasons unknown - seemed to lack the *fire in the belly* necessary to take apart/render harmless Mz Joyce's Bullshit Combine in trial. perhaps she reminded him of a dear - if somewhat Daft - Aunt. but, really, if she was terrified of a trial, there was certainly good reason.

ignoring my wish for an Annulment, she came up with a scheme whereby i would be forbidden to request one for a year's time (knowing full-well that once enough time passes, a VA annulment is almost *never* granted ..). to the Courts i wrote:

The Defendant maintains that the Marriage was a "bad faith" enterprise, one entered into by the Plaintiff solely to attract the attention of her current boyfriend; that when this ruse did not prove immediately successful, the Plaintiff created an intolerable situation for the Defendant, causing him to leave the home on October 10, 2009 (by dropping a hot iron on the Defendant while he was sleeping, by later boasting of providing the Defendant's personal info to a Stalker who continues to harrass and defame the Defendant).

and to her lawyer, Candace Rivers: I would have *gladly* shared the expense of having the (sham) marriage annulled.

& most significantly on F_cebook, March 30 2012 @ 10:53am: (no luck finding C. to request Annulment. please advise ..)

In June of 2011
.. an abusive anonymous message was posted to my blog. The author refers to itself as "We" and accuses me of poisoning and/or drugging unspecified individuals. Warnings about trespassing on "the grounds of the Joyce residences" are stirred in with innuendo that I was attacking children and threats that I might be "exposed" as a Child Predator. .. as this was posted on the Internet, the goal was clearly to defame and I regard it as another component of a libelous online campaign involving multiple websites with my name attached. The police detectives who came to my door expressed a keen interest in whether I knew how to manufacture poisons and/or mood-altering drugs. I informed them that I studied literature in college, that it was Cara Joyce who'd done graduate work in the fields of pharmacology and biochemistry. In July of 2011, Cara's mother phoned to accuse me of breaking her daughter's ribs (is there a medical report of this??). I hung up.

Anger Issues
Having the option to be present at a 2011 deposition, I turned up with my step-brother as "witness" in the event things got strange. And they did: Cara became angry that I'd brought someone (to the Clerk of Circuit Court's office, Roanoke County) and was yelling loudly enough at the Notary (whose name was Fay or Faye) that people came out of their offices to see what was happening. The deposition did not take place that day because, as the Notary said, Cara was making her very uncomfortable. I would say that she becomes frustrated when she is contradicted or when things don't go her way.

Sun. July 8th, 2012
While working at the Airport, I received a call from the Roanoke County Police, an Officer Price. He said Cara had phoned to complain that I'd stolen her banjo. I said I had not and that was the end of it. Maybe she threw it over a hill or burned it, though it was most likely $old. And after a few drinks, she felt like stirring shit up. Who knows?

An Ordinary Evening in Blacksburg (Sat, July 14, 11:30pm)
while reading "God's Hooks!" by Howard Waldrop, i was approached by an individual bedevilled by a look i've learned to distrust. let's say .. somewhere between looking as.if he was ready to burst into tears, take a swing at me, or - what the hey? - BOTH. let's listen in !

"Let me ask you point-blank: did you poison Mike last year?"
"I did not, nor have I been accused of doing so .. but thanks for the information."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, I always wondered why there was a Montgomery County police detective present with the Roanoke County one when I was being quizzed about poisons and Cara Joyce .."

police report 2011-001685, County of Montgomery, VA
9 pages, begins in earnest on page four. kinda puts things in perspective - her tendency to project, for starters. one of the things she blurted out to a stranger was "He's under investigation!" well, let's see about that ..

June 2011: Sheriff's Dept responds to possible poisoning of figure we'll refer to as Boyfriend #2 - or BF2: non.lethal, compromised motor skills, unable to communicate, etc. BF2 stated that Mz Joyce had brought a "pasta and a potato dish with some type of sauce on it, said that he ate but Joyce did not." She tells both the officer at the scene and, later, Investigator Wilburn that I was to blame (the toxicology report, btw, suggested Atropine). She tells Wilburn that she herself was sick in Late 2010, with similar symptoms, and that she suspected I'd been in her house dosing bottles of salad dressing. Wilburn asked whether she'd reported any of this to the Roanoke County police. She had not.

Wilburn visits Joyce's home to have a look around: "When the refrigerator and freezer were opened they were packed with food and other items that appeared to have been there a while" [Note: Cara doesn't believe in expiration dates].

6/7/11: Wilburn interviews a prior boyfriend - BF1. He exhibited the same symptoms - nausea, confusion, extreme thirst - on two occasions. She had prepared food for him, but he doesn't recall whether she ate any herself.

6/8/11: the paragraph spanning pp. 7 & 8 is too long to quote. it raised some red flags: "I then asked Joyce why she would drink a beer if she thought it was poison and she stated she was just trying an experiment to see what would happen. Joyce then told me she had tried to open a Guinness beer bottle and put the cap back on so you couldn't tell it was open and she could do that if she didn't turn the bottle on its top. Joyce stated if you lay the bottle on its side it won't leak. I then asked Joyce why she would do this to herself and she stated it's happened to me before so I knew what to expect .." [hmm, who am i to judge? she has - according to one of her self.published autobiographical novels - a 190 IQ]

Dec. 2011: "Joyce was informed she had failed the polygraph but not given the actual score which was -14. Joyce continued to deny any involvement in the poisoning but stated you could purchase Gypsum over the internet for $8.00 a bottle. Joyce then stated she had studied the workings of the polygraph and how you were supposed to be able to beat a polygraph and the polygraph was not very effective or accurate. Both Special Agent Barnett and I spoke with Joyce trying to explain it wasn't possible for the events of the poisoning to have happened the way she was stating."

.. but all that's old news: the latest is that i'm "borrowing" her identity and posing as a *crazed sterno bum* in the vicinity of her workplace. she and her 2 or 3 Presbyterian buddies do know how to flatter themselves, hey!