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Nation of Tire Sale's Journal
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Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

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(Science Fiction)

- I don't understand the character here.
Suddenly, she's too wise.
- And, David, I don't know why she's
telling her to dump her fiance.
- She's caught up with the Lieutenant.
- The Lieutenant? But it's as if she's
just mouthing the playwright's philosophy.
- Why would she just up and leave Tom?
- Because she's impulsive.
- It doesn't feel right.
- Well, yeah, and I don't understand,
you know ... if I'm a doctor, how come
I'm giving her such bad advice?
- It's not bad advice.
- It is bad advice.

- I wanted a great play
as much as you did.
- No, not as much.
- But you don't kill for it!
- Yeah? Who says? My father used to listen
to the opera. He loved the opera. But if a guy
stunk --
- What, he killed him?
- One time, in Palermo ..

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