April 8th, 2014

holy smoak

Sylvia's Mother

Seated at the movie projector, Jack said, "now watch." He snapped off the lights in the room, and then, on the screen, an image appeared as the machine whirred. A cemetery .. with close-ups of the tombstones in the four corners. The "oven" in which some persons believe Marie II to have been buried is at the rear of the cemetery. Until recently there was a crack in the slab, and into this devotees would drop coins and then make a wish (after reading Conroy's essay, whenever I'd look up at the sky it wouldn't be the sky I was seeing, it was the vast lapis lazuli dome of the sky).

a Poet/Warrior in the truest sense ..

(midnite @ thee o-a-siz ..)
: the Boy is 9 and in the basement level of a place on W. Franklin St. (they were apartments still) talking with a woman he knew - would know - in Present Day .. 'cept she's 37 years younger. He says, "tell me about your time .. the untranslatable details .. names, fabrics, dimmed wares of price .." she looked thoughtful - was *thinking*, in fact - flicked an ash and said .. "'my time'? huh. ..Take a look around / how would YOU describe it?"

[ with enema soccer mom "Piper" as Fergie Tuborg a-and
Debbie Osborne as Rosalee Motzen ]

a Do-tell of Boxes!
(Dir: Therein Jodorowsky)
Heimlich Maury Anson - out of the room .. or attending to "the Sauce"). i accidently spilt the name of his 2nd wife to his then girlfriend. she was a trifle annoyed and - naturally - i did not, could not, decipher hWy ..
Wendy Beth Hyman Matt Laferty Ohio Unitarians
WHO is wear the conference pants?
A: Sir Rotting Lulzmann and No-Game Maddox (home to the "excellent thinking," hey!)
"schristi" w/ Murray State's Formula None nasey Jeff Osborne
[ If the trouble in Danish-American humor today has perhaps its main reason in the fact that too many people live by trade and want to live well (and thus seek to cut the producer's prices as much as possible while at the same time raising the prices to the consumer, in order to derive an advantage from the greatest possible damage to both), then one can certainly find a main reason for the spiritual troubles in the surplus of conference pants: on their account, one learns so little and so badly ..]

Clap for the Wolfman
a) What could we have done? The air always smells of mowed grass before a bad storm. She brought gumbo and a coffin (Marie Laveaux, otherwise the Widow Paris). Both she and Jacques Paris were free people of color.

b) "Did you see that deer on the side of the road? Run away, Bambi! You're prob'ly tired by now, but I could dance all night. Too bad everything's closed."

3) Dr. Milston Glaub, member of the psychiatric pool at Camp B-G, on loan from the Interplan Truckers' Union settlement, by himself in his own office once more, back from B-G, his stint over for today. In his hands he held a bill for roof repairs that were never performed, signed "Williamson," a barnstormer wanted in three Western provinces ..