May 22nd, 2014


Horton nails it ..

DF: I call bullshit on the Sun City Girls. The "kidz" will never find the really good stuff on the Spotify.

AH: The economy continues to decline, and the current Etsy/Locavore/Prohibition Cocktail/Guys with Beards/ culture continues to slide into the main mainstream as we finally recognize that we're in the New Great Global Depression. Andre 3000 finally comes back and, using "Idlewild" as a jumping-off point, stars in a Scott Joplin biopic and makes his own ragtime/string band/pre-war blues breakthrough album with Pharrell, Marcus Mumford, and the guy that sang on that Aviici song co-writing. It's a crossover smash. J. Crew and Rocawear team up with Andre for a tie-in cross-promotional clothing line, while at the same time the next breakout smash success TV show, perfectly filling the gap left by "Mad Men," is about the decline of a Paramount-esque label from the twenties through forties. John Fahey, Alan Lomax, and Harry Smith documentaries and/or biopics all hit at around the same time, kill at festivals, and fuel this wave, along Jack White-endorsed and/or curated reissues on 240-gram vinyl of all of the aforementioned and the entire Revenant Records discography. Sir Richard Bishop croaks, gets lionized and memorialized by the culture. Boom - Sun City Girls tees in Hot Topic, biopic coming 2018 starring the guy from "Inside Llewyn Davis."